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YouTube star JoJo Siwa has ‘never been this happy’ after coming out

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jojo siwa coming out

YouTube superstar JoJo Siwa has said she’s “never ever been this happy” after coming out as queer to her millions of fans on social media. The 17-year-old singer, dancer and YouTube superstar first dropped hints in a TikTok video posted to her 31 million followers last week. In the video, she danced to Lady Gaga’s …

John lydon johnny rotten sex pistols

John Lydon, otherwise Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame, recently suffered a fleabite to the penis. Or so he claimed in various interviews to market his latest merch, a book titled I Maybe Right, I Maybe Wrong. “I looked down there this morning at my willy and there’s a f*cking flea bite on it. And …

hugh sheridan hospitalised sexuality gay bisexual essay

Hugh Sheridan has revealed that he has been in relationships with both men and women. The Packed to the Rafters star penned a candid first-person essay on his sexuality for News Corp’s Stellar magazine. In it, Sheridan revealed he was in a relationship with a man after moving from Adelaide to Sydney to attend the …