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Putin, Rowling, cancel culture, book-burning & bullshit

Like all murderous tyrants, Vladimir Putin excels at bullshit. However, his latest foray into alternative reality builds on a base built by the west’s own great liars — the culture warriors who regard every step towards increased human rights as retrograde. These troglodytes relentlessly blame the LGBTIQ+ communities for cancel culture and book-burning. However, historically …

Enid Blyton beat-up – racist author cancelled decades ago

Right-wing social justice warriors now have their bloomers in a twist over the so-called ‘cancellation’ of racist English children’s author, Enid Blyton. To give credit where it’s due, the alt-right can find cancel culture anywhere. They seek it here — they seek it there —they seek it every fucking where. Enid Blyton’s bigotry necessitated revisions …