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Wendybird Community Group Brisbane Fair Day Brisbane Pride

Brisbane social group Wendybird is getting ready to proudly celebrate their fifth birthday next month. The collective was formed by a group of passionate LGBTIQ+ people who wanted to create “a place where people of diverse bodies, genders, relationships and sexualities, their friends, families and children could form positive and meaningful connections with each other.” …

brisbane festival 2019 daddy

Revel this September as Brisbane Festival 2019 will explode across the city. The festival features a thrilling program of theatre, music, dance, circus, opera, the return of Treasury Brisbane Arcadia and Sunsuper Riverfire. A premier international event, Brisbane Festival is the biggest event of its kind in Queensland with over a million people coming together …

brisbane marriage equality religious freedom rally

A Brisbane rally opposing anti-discrimination exemptions for religious groups in the name of “religious freedom” will be held this weekend. The rally will call on the Morrison government not to “further entrench and broaden discrimination” with new “religious freedom” laws. “Discrimination cannot be tolerated under the guise of religious belief or any other basis,” the …

BRIEFS: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS briefs factory fez fanana

They’ve glitter-bombed the globe and now Brisbane’s own Briefs boys are back in town. QN Magazine asked Briefs Factory’s Fez Faanana about the theatrical explosion of joy and life that is Briefs: Close Encounters. The show is a sci-fi spectacle of flirty, filthy fabulousness. “Coming home to Brisbane is a big treat. It’s a dream …

brisbane couple same-sex marriage

One year ago, Queensland couple Brendan and Chris tied the knot. Here, they celebrate their first anniversary and their 19 year relationship. Chris and I met on a Sunday night at the Beat Niteclub in Fortitude Valley, 19 years ago. Chris came over and sat with a group of my friends. We chatted and made …

Stonewall Medical Centre practice nurse Quentin Bryce

Brisbane’s Stonewall Medical Centre is looking for their first practice nurse to join their team. The registered nurse will join the LGBTIQ practice’s clinical team: six GP’s and two sexual health physicians, a practice manager and practice principal to deliver high quality care. The position will begin on a casual/part-time basis with the possibility to …

same sybil von thorndyke laurie deane queens ball

Most readers will not know the name Laurie Deane. However, most over 25 years of age, know of Dame Sybil von Thorndyke, legendary founder, hostess and director for forty years of Brisbane’s Annual Queens Birthday Ball, now the longest running gay event in the world. A sensationalist tabloid once breathlessly reported that Laurie Deane lived …

hannah gadsby douglas brisbane qpac netflix

Comedian Hannah Gadsby announced she will bring her new stand-up show Douglas to QPAC in Brisbane next January. Douglas is named after the Tasmanian-born comic’s dog and premiered in Melbourne in March. The comedian is touring the show in the US until July. And on Tuesday, Gadsby announced two new more shows for Melbourne and …

lyle shelton queensland lnp brisbane catholic schools gender

Brisbane Catholic schools’ use of gender-neutral descriptions of God during prayer has infuriated “religious freedom” campaigner Lyle Shelton. Shelton was responding to a Courier-Mail report that schools are replacing terms such as “Lord”, “Father”, and “Son” with terms like “Creator”, “Godself”, and “the Holy Spirit”. For instance, Stuartholme in Toowong has replaced the word “himself” …

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