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Boy George Victoria Beckham british airways

Does Victoria Beckham really want to hurt Boy George?

Does she really want to make him cry? It’s a spice, spice world for Victoria Beckham. Boy George sobbed today that British Airways made him and other first-class passengers wait while the former Posh Spice disembarked. In a now-deleted tweet, George posted, “Nice touch for @britishairways to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps …

boy george accused of being transphobic

Boy George claps back at criticism he’s transphobic

Boy George has hit back at Twitter users this week who have accused him of being transphobic.  The Culture Club singer posted an umprompted tweet on Tuesday saying people should leave their “pronoun’s (sic) at the door”. When one follower asked: “Do you not know what the f*** pronouns are?” George answered: “A modern form …

Boy George hung up on australia radio host Flamboyant

Boy George Hangs Up On ‘Boring’ Australian Radio Host

Boy George has hung up on an Australian radio host during an interview after becoming irritated with questioning about the impact of his “gender-bending” on children in the 1980s. The Culture Club frontman was being interviewed by ABC Radio’s Fran Kelly on Monday about the band’s upcoming tour. George talked of his love of Australia …

Boy George

Boy George didn’t like this selfie at all

It’s not easy being a celebrity. You never know when one of your adoring fans might come up and request a selfie. Boy George should know that. But the boy is only human. Culture Club singer Boy George recently obliged a female fan’s request. However, he wasn’t too happy with the results when the photo …

Feud 80s Boy George George Michael

Boy George on George Michael Feud: ‘Bitchy’

UK pop superstars Boy George and George Michael both rose up the pop charts at the same time. George recently discussed their infamous feud on a US talk show.  “In the 80s, you just said vile things about everyone,” he said. He appeared on US talk show Watch What Happens Live. During the show,  host …

boy george caitlyn jenner

Boy George meets ‘amazing, cosmic, gorgeous’ Caitlyn Jenner

Boy George surprised fans at a recent Culture Club concert in Los Angeles by inviting Caitlyn Jenner on stage before the gig. Caitlyn Jenner addressed he crowd following a standing ovation. “Caitlyn Jenner in the house for her first Boy George concert! This is going to be a good group. Thank you so much. “Enough …