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Fitness man doing exercise in gym

A landmark new study by researchers at the University of Melbourne, Gay Bodies Worldwide, will track attitudes to body image among gay and bisexual men in several countries. The conversation around eating and body disorders has long focused on females, but experts are increasingly conscious of men developing an unhealthy obsession with gaining muscle, Melbourne …

Sam Smith non-binary

Sam Smith has struggled with body image issues for years, but the out and proud singer has said he’s had enough. The British singer took to Instagram to share an unfiltered shirtless photo of him at the beach to declare he will no longer allow his self-image struggles get the best of him. “In the …


A smartphone app has come under fire for encouraging men to “meet the manly version of themselves” by offering them “red-hot perfect body editing.” Manly is a British app that allows them to upload photos of themselves and then edit their physical features to look more appealing to others on dating apps. “So easy to …