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Culture wars: BLM & Trans rights opponents struggle with fact

Recent research demonstrates that opponents of BLM and Trans rights struggle with fact. The Policy Institute of Kings College London and Ipsos MORI examined the six most debated issues in Britain’s culture wars. Pandemic lockdowns topped the list, followed by BLM and then Trans rights. Researchers also surveyed attitudes to Brexit, the British Empire and …

joel wilkinson gold coast suns

Lessons from apology to Joel Wilkinson for blackface incident

Miles Heffernan says the recent apology from the AFL and Gold Coast Suns to former player Joel Wilkinson illustrates that racial discrimination remains a workplace issue.  Wilkinson previously filed a complaint in the Human Rights Commission over racism. His complaint arose from a 2013 Wacky Wednesday event when two of Wilkinson’s teammates dressed in blackface. …

poets cafe montville

The Poets Cafe Montville: the two sides of the street

Last week QNews reported on an incident at the Poets Cafe, Montville. During Pride month, as marchers joined Black Lives Matter protests worldwide, and in the midst of the greatest global health crisis for a century, a lesbian couple — both health workers, one black — found themselves rudely ordered out of a cafe in …

pompo christie Palmerston atherton tablelands

Pompo and Christie Palmerston: how statues sometimes lie

As #BlackLivesMatter protests continue across the world, statues commemorating divisive historical figures come under fire. At Milla Milla on the Atherton Tablelands, a statue commemorates two people, one white and the other Aboriginal. The white man is Christie Palmerston, a noted explorer, and the Aboriginal is his ‘companion’ Pompo. Milla Milla sits at the top …

poets cafe never come back

Lesbian couple told to leave cafe and ‘never come back’

Last Sunday, at the end of Pride month, during the worst health crisis in a century and as the world grapples with racial discrimination through the Black Lives Matter movement, the owner of Poets Cafe in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, chose the moment to demand an inter-racial pair of lesbian health workers leave his cafe …