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From the Archives: Drag is a Christmas tradition

Kirralie Smith, spokesperson for Binary which “exists to challenge the aggressive agenda to de-gender our society” this week complained about “another example of corrupting Christmas.” Smith’s complaint centred on Sydney performer Etcetera Etcetera who this December continues the age-old Christmas tradition of performing in drag to bring fun and cheer to the festive season. As …

Professor Dianna Kenny on Four Corners

Four Corners slammed for ‘unethical’ episode on trans rights

ABC is under fire after the most recent episode of Four Corners covering issues facing gender diverse people, with many accusing the program of platforming dangerous anti-trans rhetoric. Monday night’s episode, titled Blocked: The battle over youth gender care, saw the program invite on a range of tran individuals, trans children and their parents as well …

Marriage Alliance Relaunches As Anti-Trans Lobby Group Binary Australia

One of the major anti-marriage equality campaign groups, Marriage Alliance, has rebranded as “Binary Australia” to fight against transgender and intersex rights. Binary Australia was established last month under the company name Gender Awareness Australia Ltd and is headed by longtime anti-transgender campaigner Kirralie Smith (pictured, left), who is running as a Senate candidate for …