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Barry Humphries’ name pulled from top honour at comedy festival

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barry humphries as Dame edna in absolutely fabulous the movie

Australian comedian Barry Humphries has defended his controversial brand of comedy after his named was stripped from a top comedy award. Humphries’ name was this month removed from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s top award, in part because of a series of the comedian’s history of transphobic comments. At a comedy Q&A session in London …

barry humphries as Dame edna in absolutely fabulous the movie

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has removed Barry Humphries’ name from its awards list following backlash over the iconic Australian comedian’s comments about transgender people. The festival unveiled its list of nominees for its annual awards on Tuesday morning, and the “Barry” award, which honoured the festival’s best show, has been renamed the Melbourne International …

Australian comedian Barry Humphries is under fire for transphobic comments

Entertainer Barry Humphries has been slammed for a new round of transphobic comments. In an interview with UK publication The Spectator, the 84-year-old called “transgenderism” a “fashion” when asked if his famous drag character Dame Edna Everage had sparked backlash among transgender activists. “How many different kinds of lavatory can you have?” he said. “And …