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Gay flamingo couple Hudson and Blaze foster their first chick

A gay Flamingo couple at a UK zoo have taken a baby flamingo under the wing after it was abandoned by its biological parents. Zookeepers at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire in the east of England noticed the egg was left behind when its parents abandoned the nest. They initially put the egg in an incubator …

jonathan the tortoise gay bisexual pansexual

Pansexual tortoise Jonathan still has ‘good libido’ at age 190

Jonathan, the world-famous 190-year-old giant Seychelles tortoise from St Helena, is officially the oldest of his species ever and hasn’t lost his mojo. This month the Guinness World Records gave Jonathan the title of “oldest chelonian” – a category which encompasses turtles, terrapins and tortoises. And the giant Seychelles tortoise’s caretakers say, despite some health …

Alone on Valentine’s Day? #VDayPunOff will cheer you up

Zoos and parks around the globe are at war on Twitter today and it’s all because of #VDayPunOff. What’s #VDayPunOff you might ask? Well, it’s a hashtag parks and zoos are using to make animal puns about Valentine’s Day. The formula goes like this: upload an image of a furry friend and accompany it with …