Sydney’s gay penguins help teach kids about same-sex couples

Gay Penguins sydney
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Everyone’s favourite gay penguin couple, Sphen and Magic, are kickstarting their teaching careers!

The Sydney penguins have enjoyed a blossoming romance over the last five years: celebrating their anniversaries, becoming parents together, and even marching in their own Pride parade together.

But now, the peculiar pair are taking on their next milestone: becoming teachers.

As part of a new NSW syllabus that educates children on sexuality and consent, kids from kindergarten to grade will be given the opportunity to learn the couple’s love story.

Sea Life Aquarium has partnered with the state’s Teachers Federation to develop the new syllabus.

A gay penguin love story

The opportunity will allow for children to learn about the tenacity of Sphen and Magic’s love story.

The pair have been ‘inseparable’ since meeting in 2018.

After teaching the pair how to incubate a dummy egg and allowing them to build their own nest during breeding season, keepers allowed the pair to foster a real egg, and the couple birthed their first chick: Lara.

The following breeding season, the keepers once again allowed for the pair to incubate an egg, this time bringing CC into the world.

A more inclusive approach to teaching

A ‘Penguin Supervisor’ at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium says Sphen and Magic’s story will ‘help children better understand the syllabus as they can relate to animals’:

“I think a lot of schools now are trying to be more inclusive in their teaching and educating children on more diverse relationships, and I feel animals are a really good way to do that because kids are very accepting of them,” she told 2GB breakfast host Ben Fordham on Monday.

“Penguins share equal parenting duties, except for the actual egg laying of course. So that means it doesn’t matter what combination of sexes you have with the parents,” she continued.

The adorable penguin family are currently residing at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium with their two chicks, and all guests visiting the educational facility invited to meet them.

Read the full Sphen and Magic story:

Love in a cold climate: Gay Gentoo Penguins

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  1. Michael
    21 June 2023

    I sure hope impenetrable Security is around the clock with these beautiful animals. Sooner or later these anti-trans & LGBTQAI+ turkeys, causing all these libraries to shutdown & being a significant public threat to common public moral decency, will either remember the ‘gay penguins’, or become aware, and make them the next target. If security is sufficient enough at the Zoo a public disturbance cannot happen (on the inside), maybe at least for Sydney some of those Drag stories to the young kids, could be held there, with the penguins as an encouraging backdrop?

  2. Michael
    21 June 2023

    The Sea Life Sydney Acquarium in fact.

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