Sydney’s gay penguin couple have become dads again

sydney gay penguin couple sphen magic dads

Sydney’s world-famous gay penguin dads Sphen and Magic have become doting parents to their second newborn chick during their aquarium’s breeding season.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium said they’ve welcomed several new Gentoo Penguin chicks over the last month.

The babies privately hatched in their Sub-Antarctic Zone, with the he oldest arriving mid-October. The youngest’s birth certificate currently reads “two weeks young”.

Among the penguin parents are the aquarium’s famous gay couple, Sphen and Magic, who have adopted and hatched their second egg.

The parents made headlines in 2018 after they successfully hatched and raised a chick – a baby girl named Lara.

All the chicks are comfortably cuddling up to their parents, the aquarium said, as well as staff who say they’re healthy and rapidly growing.

“We’ve been really lucky this year, we’ve had an amazing breeding season with our Gentoo penguins and we’re so happy,” the aquarium’s penguin supervisor Kerrie Dixon said.

“We’re beyond excited to welcome the new penguin chicks to our colony.”

Dixon went on, “The way we monitor the chicks is that we weigh them each day. That way we can see any development in their weight.

“They are doing really well and gaining weight. They started at around 95 grams, now our oldest is almost 2kg and the youngest is sitting at around 399 grams.

“That [growth] happens really fast, in a matter of weeks.”

Gay penguins Sphen and Magic go viral around the world

Most penguin species are monogamous for life, with same-sex penguin pairings surprisingly common.

Penguin power couple Sphen and Magic and their first daughter went viral when aquarium staff announced they were inseparable.

The male gentoo penguins became an inseparable couple during the 2018 breeding season.

During 2018 breeding season, the pair were seen bowing to each other – a common way of showing love. They also built an ice pebble nest together for breeding.

Staff then gave the pair a spare egg from another penguin who had two, which Sphen and Magic cared for and hatched.

Aquarium staff later named the female newborn Lara.

Sea Life Sydney now says Lara is growing up fast. She also took part in breeding season herself by learning to build her own nest and practice incubating eggs.

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