Sydney rally to protest Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill

religious discrimination bill protest rally community action for rainbow rights carr sydney prime minister scott morrison
Image: courtesy of CARR

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Etcetera Etcetera will join a lineup of speakers addressing a Sydney rally protesting against the Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill this weekend.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced the contentious legislation to parliament last week. The federal parliament wrapped up for the year on Thursday, leaving the Bill in limbo before next year’s federal election.

NSW LGBTIQ group Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) called a rally for this Sunday at Sydney’s Taylor Square.

Several speakers will join the group addressing the rally from 12pm. They include federal Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Uniting Church minister Jo Inkpin, and non-binary RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under star Etcetera Etcetera.

CARR co-convener April Holcombe said the Religious Discrimination Bill will “wind back the clock on hard-won rights for LGBTI people and women.”

“The religious Right wants a green light to sack LGBTI teachers and spout heinous bigotry, shielded from all consequences,” Holcombe said.

“We’re going to make sure they don’t get it.

“It’s appalling the Labor Party are refusing to oppose the bill and tacitly endorsing the call for ‘freedom’ for religious institutions to hire and fire as they like.

“Public opposition is crucial in piling on the pressure. [We must show] the right their attempts to weaken LGBTI rights will always fail.”

More discrimination, not less under government’s proposal

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has framed the Religious Discrimination Bill as “a shield, not a sword” for Australians of faith.

However LGBTIQ advocates and legal experts refute this. They warn the legislation would undermine existing protections and permit discrimination against LGBTIQ people, women, and various minority groups.

religious discrimination bill protest rally community action for rainbow rights carr sydney prime minister scott morrison

Federal Labor has also come under fire for not declaring a position on the Morrison Government’s latest draft.

On Friday, a group of CARR protesters marched through Cronulla waving banners and placards opposing the Religious Discrimination Bill.

The group took their message directly to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office (above) on Friday afternoon.

Western Australia protest against Religious Discrimination Bill

In Western Australia, local group Rainbow Rebellion WA also called a snap protest against the Religious Discrimination Bill.

They announced plans for the rally outside Attorney-General Michaelia Cash’s offices in Perth on Friday afternoon.

“This bill will wind back the gains won by activists fighting for equality over decades,” Rainbow Rebellion WA said.

“[It] will give bigots the right to discriminate against women, LGBTI people and ethnic minorities.

“Labor shamefully remains equivocal and won’t outright oppose these disgusting bills.

“We need to take to take the fight to [Senator Cash] to stop this bill and show politicians ordinary people are against this discriminatory legislation.”

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  1. Julian Gallimore
    3 December 2021

    Remember Nazis 1933 to 1944.
    Remember the Aboriginal Discrimination bill .
    Remember when the government classed Aboriginal people has animals under the fauna and flora act.
    Now they are spending HATE PREJUDICE AND BIGOTRY AGAINST LGBTQ FAMILY MEMBERS With the Australian Christian Lobby Eric Abetz, Scott Morrison Discrimination bill.
    Julian says just look at all the L N P members quitting parliament even Homophobic Transphobic N P George Christensen is quitting parliament.
    The stench of Hate Prejudice and Bigotry against LGBTQI people in Australia has been noted in the UK and Europe it’s time to ask the Pope to remember to Love they neighbour and to apologise for his attack on GAY people especially in Poland.
    We don’t want to see GAY hate stickers placed around Town like we have seen in Townsville Qld.

  2. Dan
    3 December 2021

    We need to kill this bill
    Most job network providers are Religious, they can refuse the LGBTIQ community assistance to find a job
    Abortions will be out, Fertility treatments will be out.
    This Bill effects every aspect of our lives
    This Bill will send the LGBTIQ community back to the Dark ages as a third class citizen & yet we fund them with our taxes
    They won’t stop until we dumpster dive scrounging for food.
    Be loud, be proud & protest this Cruel unnecessary Bill

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