Sydney drag queen extraordinaire Summer Salt has written a brilliant letter to Telstra in response to their flip flop on public support for marriage equality.

QNews reported last week that Telstra copped a nationwide backlash after quietly retreating from their public support for marriage equality after threats of a boycott from the Sydney Catholic Church.

Read Summer’s cutting, satirical, poignant and downright funny response below:

Hi Telstra,

I’ve noticed recently that my voice isn’t coming through as clearly as it used to when I’m making calls to my boyfriend. Most of the conversation is relatively fine, but every time I say “I love you” or when we try to out-do each other with ideas about who’s going to propose to who, the line seems to go really weak, Telstra. Really, really week.

Most parts of the conversation are generally pretty clear, but it’s only when we talk about our love for each other and our plans for the future together that our voices seem to become really quite muffled. Strangely enough, it made me think that perhaps I’m saying something that’s offensive or hurtful to other people, and that some kind of filter has been placed on the phone. Perhaps I ought not talk on the telephone about how much I love him, or the inevitable day when one of us has to decide who’s going to be the one to arrive late to the wedding (It’ll be me… I’m terrible at being on time, but never with paying my bills!). But Telstra, I overheard a friend talking on the phone to his girlfriend this morning and they were chatting about their upcoming wedding, and when he hung up he said that the line was absolutely clear.

This made me realise that no, it couldn’t be true that I shouldn’t communicate with my boyfriend about our private life, because my mate had nothing muting his voice on his call, and he was right next to me in exactly the same position, in the same location, talking to his other half about the same stuff too. We were in completely equal situations, yet my voice couldn’t be heard.

I checked the microphone and it works fine (I’m a drag performer by night, so I know how to work a mic to get attention, and can really raise my voice if I have to), and can confirm that we weren’t on a conference call (you see, my nickname for my boyfriend is Chipmunk and somewhere below him in my contacts is Church. I’ve never brought them into a private conversation about our lives, although they’ve done it to us a bunch of times, Might be worth looking into…) and so I’m just baffled by the poor service I’m getting when I’m really just trying to have an equal conversation to my friend at work who’s right next to me.

As a communications provider, you have a past track record for awesomeness. If I’ve ever had a problem with Telstra before, your staff have been really helpful over the phone, and so I’m hoping that this time around you will not let this problem continue, and will do the right thing by making a genuine effort to act and live by your stance as a true leader of connecting people, not disconnecting them.

Your action in ensuring that, like every other citizen, my voice is heard loud and clear no matter where I am in Australia so that my life is not restricted, would be greatly and sincerely appreciated. I mean, you do offer full coverage, I hope you can promote it as well.

If you can help support us, I’ll be more than happy to invite you to the wedding and show you the best reception you could possibly imagine!

Kindest regards,
Summer Salt

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