Survivor’s first out Trans contestant removed after 48 hours

Jackson Fox Survivor
Image: CBS

Jackson Fox, the first out trans contestant to feature on Survivor has been removed after just 48 hours.

In a shock move, Fox was instructed by the host that they could no longer continue on the show.

Host Jeff Probst gave the emotional news to Jackson on the first episode of Season 42.

Jackson’s inspirational story

Season 41 saw Survivor welcome in a new era for the program as the show shook things up.

When the season 42 cast was announced they had gone one step closer.

By including 5 LGBTQIA+ cast members it was the queerest cast in Survivor history.

One of those contestants was Jackson Fox, the very first openly transgender contestant to compete on the program.

As the season premiere kicked off Jackson took the time to connect with his tribemates.

In emotional scenes by the fire, he talked of his struggles coming out late in life to his parents, who then rejected him.

As teary-eyed tribemates watched on Jackson told of how his mother got sick, eventually bringing him back into his life.

Jackson and his now-wife moved in to help care for his mother until she died.

It was a powerful story that connected Jackson with his fellow tribemates.

Unfortunately, it was not the time for Jackson Fox on Survivor.

Jackson Fox pulled from the game after 48 hours

Just 48 hours into the game host Jeff Probst made a shock appearance at Jackson’s tribal beach.

Appearances from the host are rare in the game and usually come bearing bad news.

Pulling him aside to talk privately Jackson Fox and Jeff sat down for a discussion on the beach.

Jeff revealed that Jackson had made a recent revelation to production.

Only 24 hours before production commenced he had stopped taking a certain medication.

Production had allowed Jackson to continue participating in the game while they made a decision.

Unfortunately, Jackson revealed the medication he had stopped taking was Lithium.

With concerns about how withdrawal from this medication would affect the mind and body, a decision had to be made.

Speaking candidly Jackson wanted the audience to know that the medication was not to do with his transition or depression.

However, he accepted that the side effects could be bad for his health in the game.

Taking the decision in his stride Jackson accepted that he was being removed from Survivor.

Despite the devastating news he returned to his tribe in good spirits having cherished his short time in the game.

“It was the best 48 hours I’ve had, ever.”

Hopefully, Jackson will be invited to return in a future Survivor season.

Watch Jackson’s emotional farewell below

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  1. Peter Turner
    14 March 2022

    Glad to hear that he was not removed because of his being trans and I hope he is given the chance to return in a future series.

  2. GEORGINA Brown
    14 March 2022

    That would have been illegal….and would never happen in Australia

  3. Letty
    18 March 2022

    Happens all the time in Australia. H****** [QNews edit] housing allows it, for instance, even for existing staff.

    Much more common is to just not hire someone in the first place – then people complain about trans people being on welfare, or resorting to crime or prostitution.

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