Noosa High School LGBTI Meeting Group

Two students from Noosa State High School have started a weekly meeting for the LGBTI students at their school.

15-year-old Courtney Robinson and 14-year-old Samuel Bouzanquet (pictured) told the Sunshine Coast Daily they had their school’s and their parents’ blessing to hold the meetings “to provide a safe place for students to celebrate diversity and difference within the school community, providing support and addressing welfare concerns of students who may identify as LBGTI.”

Courtney told the Sunshine Coast Daily she’d been aware of her sexual diversity for four years and didn’t want anyone else like her feeling scared or isolated.

“I knew I wasn’t straight when I was 11, I knew my whole life, but there wasn’t a term for it,” she said.

“I came out in Grade 10 as bisexual and have been advocating for other LBGTI people. I learnt a lot about it when I came out.

“We created this group to help a lot of people know they are not alone.”

Sam also knew he was gay for several years, but only came out last year.

“No one else came out. Then when I came to this school I thought there would be a group for LGBTI to meet up and network,” he said.

“There wasn’t, so I went to the teacher and asked and she introduced me to Courtney.”

Their principal Chris Ross said his school was “very supportive” of the students and the school was founded on a concept of diversity.

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