Sunshine Coast Couple Targeted With Series Of Vile Letters

A series of vile, homophobic letters have been sent to a same-sex couple on the Sunshine Coast.

Kirk Muddle and his partner Andrew, who live in Maroochydore, were sent the letters on A4 sheets of paper.

The notes suggested that gay people should be “castrated” and that the couple are unable to look after their pet dogs.

“You do realise there are children and elderly in this area? No to gays!” said one note.

Another read: “Remember when you + he were illegal AND SENT TO JAIL!! I think CASTRATE YOU ALL!!”

Muddle told Yahoo7: “I felt a combination of around four or five feelings from ‘what the hell is this’, to ‘I can’t believe it’s happening’, and then ‘you know what, I’m not surprised it’s happening.”

“Andrew’s lived there for 11 years and I’ve lived there for five and that’s the first time it’s ever happened,” he said.

Muddle posted the notes on Facebook and encouraged people to share, declaring “the more people that know, the more they’ll see it won’t be over”.

“I’m horrified … and sad,” he said. “This is not to garnish sympathy. This is just to remind everyone the fight’s not over, and it probably never will be.

“We don’t want anything special. We don’t want anything ‘perverted’, we just want the same rights as others and to be treated as humans.”

The couple is trying to stay positive, saying: “One guy doesn’t make up the whole of Australia.”

On announcing the result of the recent marriage equality postal vote, Australia’s chief statistician David W Kalisch, said the vote came in under budget.

Campaigners have now called for the $22 million left over from the budget to be used to support those hurt by the ‘No’ campaign in the LGBT community.

Australian Greens Senator Richard Di Natalie said: “It’s time that the government acknowledges the harmful effects of the ‘No’ campaign on the LGBTIQ community.

“I urge you to immediately redirect these funds in support services for the LGBTIQ community, particularly for young people, to respond to the issues being experienced as a direct result of the government’s decision to undertake the postal survey.”

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