Streets responds to new rumours of Golden Gaytime name change

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Ice cream manufacturer Streets has shut down fresh rumours that Australia’s iconic Golden Gaytime is changing its name.

The talk kicked off because an Aldi shopper discovered the Australian supermarket was selling packs of the ice creams with a different name.

The Aldi Australia customer shared a photo to a Facebook group of the box containing the ice creams, but with “Cookie Crumble” on the label.

“They’re Gaytimes, just a new name due to political correctness,” one person commented.

“Is this a renaming thing?” another asked.

“Is the ‘Gaytime’ renamed due to the ‘offensive’ name, like Redskins, Chicos and Coon Cheese of late that have been renamed?”

But a spokesperson for Streets shut down the rumours and addressed the confusion.

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Image: Aldi Mums/Facebook

They told 7News that Cookie Crumble is the name given to the ice cream in New Zealand. The spokesperson said the alternate product is available at Australian Aldi stores for a limited time.

They also confirmed there are no plans to change the name of Golden Gaytime in Australia.

“The meaning behind the Gaytime name has not changed since its iconic debut in 1959,” the company says.

“It is, and always has been for everybody to enjoy, no matter who you are or who you love.

“However, we are very mindful that the world has changed since the first Gaytime was made, and culture and language has also evolved over time.”

The Streets spokesperson added the company had consulted with the community but “were proud to keep the Golden Gaytime name.”

“There is a lot of history and pride behind Gaytime, and we have been inspiring a sense of community for many years.

“Going forward, we want to continue bringing communities together and creating a more diverse, inclusive and equal world for everybody.”

Duelling petitions over Golden Gaytime name

Last year, a gay man’s petition to change the Golden Gaytime’s name caused heated national debate.

The petitioner complained the name, created in 1959 when gay was primarily a term for joy, was “outdated” and “offensive” and a “double entendre” that should go.

But at that time, gay Aussies also mobilised to create counter-petitions calling for Streets to keep the name.

One petitioner pointed out the big difference between Golden Gaytimes and recently renamed products, including Redskins, Chicos and Coon Cheese. Those products became Red Rippers, Cheekies and Cheer Cheese.

“They all used a word that was considered a slur by the people the word described,” they stated.

“‘Gay’ is not a slur.”

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  1. Peter Turner
    16 June 2022

    I agree. “GAY” is not a slur. In fact we celebrate the name.

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