Str8 Spider Man fans gutted by Tom Holland backshots

tom holland backshots spider-man the crowded room

Anguished screams continue to ring out over metropolitan areas worldwide as str8 Spider-Man fans react to a Tom Holland TV character taking backshots in The Crowded Room.

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Don’t bother telling the homophobes ‘It’s called acting’. The dumb fcks just don’t get it.


  • otherwise doggy style or rear entry.
  • top enters bottom from behind. Pulls out and finishes on bottom’s back.

The Crowded Room

Two NSFW scenes in Episode 8 of Apple’s The Crowded Room have the knickers of str8 Spider-Man fans totally twisted. Tom Holland has gay sex in both scenes. He gives a blowjob in one and takes backshots in the other.

And his str8 Spider-Man fans are hurting.

“Not my Spider-Man,” they sob.

Poor darlings.

Of course, the forces of good are fighting back against the sad homophobic snowflakes, but first, you want to see the scenes. Prepare for disappointment. Not as explicit as you’d expect from the carry-on.

In real life, Tom Holland goes out with actor and singer Zendaya who is also not scared to shoot NSFW television scenes.

Back in 2019, Tom danced up a storm in a Rihanna tribute and said he was fine if Spider-Man came out as gay.

Meanwhile, Andrew Garfield says he was pressured to backflip after suggesting Peter Parker ‘explore his bisexuality’.

More NSFW screentime: Onscreen prosthetic peen: Who wore it best? Or not!

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  1. Michael
    16 July 2023

    They are also selectively DEAF! Because, ever since Master Tom Holland was thrust into mainstream consciousness, {as the 3RD Webhead within the space of barely a decade between them}. HE HAS springboarded at Light Speed to THE Top 5 Twink males we {Gay males} would rank as our near perfect ideal in a pretty ‘just come of age’ young man. Many anxious to be thrilled {just like another famous British Tom, of similar age & all round Beautiful Male} he was in the closet for the continued success of his film career. Despite the fact that has turned out to date to remain a nice fantasy, he still ranks as a sincere & true ‘Straight Mate’ saying he would portray a gay Spider if it turned out that way, & is generally accepting of existence of other sexualities {as most do of his age & generation!}. He hasn’t been shy in being openly accepting, when the subject has been relevant, so suddenly he has the nerve to put his sentiments into action, via a role he was accepted as being ideal for. How have These fools, {now getting overly lathered up, over a few new saucy not quite R rated erotic scenes}, ever remained especially big fans to this point. His time has almost passed now anyway as Spider Man. So it all boils down to more white noise pollution! These types can’t get enough of bleating their gums about. I have loved ALL 3 Spider Men of our recent era of cinema. The last film that included ALL 3 was a massive disappointment to me story wise. I had no trouble reimagining it as another kind of ALL MALE Action Movie, millions would be cueing to see if only it could be so.

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