Steve Price ‘old, male & cancelled’, forgets stale and pale 😁

Steve Price
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FFS. Steve Price is on the radio, the tele and writes for newspapers, but the poor old bugger feels cancelled.😢 Cry me a f_cking river!

Disclaimer: I’m old but if I ever get Steve Price old, for Chrissake, wrench the keyboard from my entitled grasp.

Why are the people who claim they’ve been cancelled always those with the biggest platforms?

This time, the Price is not right.

I’d hazard a guess that some old, pale, male and stale media commentators are not employed for their thoughtful and considered analysis of important issues.

They are there to contrive outrage.

In an article in the Herald Sun, Price moans about the modern world.

“Non-binary bathrooms in pubs, no TV commercials without a coloured person, someone of Asian background and equal numbers of men and women or a same-sex couple.”

You know why those things happened, old fella?

Because pubs don’t want to lose the customers who require uni-sex toilets. And advertisers want People of Colour, women and same-sex couples to buy their products.

Gone are the days of Mr Price’s youth (and my own) when we were all happy to watch old white men tell us what products we needed.

It’s a different world, Mr Codger. But you know what remains the same?

A loud minority of older people whining that everything was better back in the day.

‘Old Man Yelling at Cloud’ is no new thing. “The horseless carriage will never replace a nicely sprung buggy,” they once said.

With the same sense of belief that troglodytes now insist that solar and wind will never replace fossil fuels. F_cking fossils.

Boomer, it’s getting a bit old.

The audience for the contrived outrage is dying.

Like the dodo, those that fail to adapt will not survive.

Cancel culture

You wanna know who knows about cancel culture?

People of Colour, same-sex couples, women…

The very people Price rails against.

And why do they know?

Because for generations, the old, pale, male and stale wanted them unseen and unheard. Women had to fight for the vote and still don’t enjoy equal representation in the nation’s parliaments.

POC? The White Australia Policy saw non-Europeans tossed out of Australia in huge numbers in the early 1900s and refused entry for generations later. Ask an educated African of means what hoops they need to jump through to visit Australia even today.

First Nations people? Where do we even start?

Queers? Don’t tell us about cancel culture. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people and the rest of our rainbow communities? We were the unmentionables of Australian culture until recent times.

Price is almost old enough to remember ‘the abominable crime among Christians not to be named’.

Even now, it only takes a few people to march down the street with a Rainbow Flag to prompt complaints of ‘the rainbow cult shoving their agenda down our throats’. (Note the insinuation of oral rape inherent in the ignorant trope.)

I could go on, but I’m tired now. Probably my advancing years. But, not so old I don’t remember my youthful resolution not to end up like my elders raging against an inevitably changing world.

Times change but entitled boomers are for f_cking ever.

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Destiny Rogers

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  1. Kerrie Rodgers
    4 September 2022

    This man creeps me out when I see him on the TV. I am an older Australian but hate being lumped in as a boomer. I move with the times and try to stay updated and not against change. Hopefully Steve Price will fade away . How he keeps all of his jobs is beyond me

  2. Chris
    5 September 2022

    old, pale, male

    Time that was called out for exactly what it is:

    Ageist – Racist and Sexist.

    I might also add it is in no small way contributing to an number of people being unable to find work because every male who is over 45, white and male no faces effective endorsed discrimination.

    This mindset is having a profound impact on many people who, unlike Steve Price, are not rich or in any way privileged.

    Time this was called out and ended.

  3. Suanne Sykes
    5 September 2022

    This article reaks of ageism. What views has Pricey had that have been abhorant? I don’t follow popular crap to know what he has said but perhaps a good journalist could include a bit of content.

    • 5 September 2022

      Might I gently suggest that perhaps commenters should read articles before commenting and thereby encounter the content they complain is missing.

  4. Anthony Ferguson
    5 September 2022

    Well said. As someone who is old, white, hetero and male myself, I think some of us lack the perspective to imagine walking in someone else’s shoes for one minute, and can only see the world through their own privileged prism.

  5. Stephen Phillips
    5 September 2022

    Ironically this negative article makes the author sound as discriminatory & prejudiced as those she attacks. The pejorative terminology is sexist, ageist, and racist. Possibly far worse than anything Steve Price has ever put into print. I am no fan of Price or his opinions, but I defend his right to hold & voice them. Your argument is let down badly by the intellectually lazy nature of your attack.

  6. Marilyn Beech
    6 September 2022

    I feel just the same as you, Kerrie Rodgers. Born in 1951, I was a feminist at 21 and raised three terrific Australians who are the antithesis of everything Price is. I HATE being lumped in with ‘Boomers’ like him.

    I wish people like the author of this piece, whose view on most issues I expect I share, wouldn’t do it.

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