Standing ovation for dance against homophobia

dance against homophobia

The studio audience for France has Incredible Talent! awarded a standing ovation to dancers Guillaume and Arthur for their dance against homophobia this week.

During the last round of auditions, Arthur from Quebec and Guillaume from France, presented a routine displaying their full range of talents as acrobats and dancers.

The pair, a couple for four years, told the judges the theme of their performance before the routine.

“We are going to present you a number against homophobia.

“We try to get a message of tolerance through this issue.

“Why love can stimulate so much hatred?”

Dance against homophobia: Guillaume and Arthur

Dance against homophobia

Guillaume and Arthur then presented their routine to Jeff Buckley’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

It seems unlikely the use of the iconic song would upset the late Leonard Cohen.

Asked if he’d ever had a gay sexual experience, he said no, but obviously had no issue with the idea.

“I have had intimate relationships with men all my life and I still do have. I’ve seen men as beautiful, I’ve felt sexual stirrings towards men so I don’t think I’ve missed out.

“Maybe I have, maybe it’s time to look into it. Maybe not, maybe I’ve left it too late. Maybe I’ll not be able to get anybody.”

Response to the dance against homophobia

After Guillaume and Arthur’s performance ended with a tender kiss, the judges responded.

French singer Hélène Ségara was visibly moved.

“It was so beautiful and so tender at the same time. I think that with or without a message, I would have found it beautiful, it feels good.”

Marianne James, French singer and actress and also patron of the recent Pride march described the performance as very elegant.

“You do not see that often on television, two boys kissing on the mouth and it touches me infinitely.”

Writer, actor, comedian, and magician Eric Antoine said, “The violence continues to rise, so there is a battle to continue.”

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