Lisa Called Her Grandma About Marriage Equality, And It Was Beautiful

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A new video from Australian Marriage Equality encouraging Australians to talk to their relatives about same-sex marriage is a real tearjerker.

In the video a woman named Lisa, who is in a relationship with a woman named Hayley, calls her grandma to talk to her about something she’s never talked about before: same-sex marriage.

“It’s really important to me, because I’d really like to marry Hayley,” Lisa explains.

Her grandma hesitates but then replies: “Normally with my religion, I’d be against it, but knowing how much the two of you love each other… I would agree to it.

“You know that I love you, and love is the most important thing in your life.”

On Thursday the High Court ruled the same-sex marriage postal survey is constitutional and it will go ahead as planned, with forms due to hit mailboxes from September 12.

Marriage equality advocates are encouraging everyone to vote ‘yes’ and return their survey forms before the November 7 deadline.

Watch Lisa ring her rello below:

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