Spill the tea with Brisbane drag star Maxi-Bon

Brisbane drag queen Maxi-Bon is in superhero drag with a red wig on a blue background.
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Brisbane’s larger-than-life drag artist Maxi-Bon spills the tea about themselves, their craft and the local scene. 

The first time I did drag was…

A beautiful story for me. In March 2021, I moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast with my fiancé. I lived in a crappy apartment and worked at an absolutely horrible job, but it was in the Valley and allowed me to see some of the drag performers like Luna Thicc and Vollie LaVont. I got a second job at the Sportsman Hotel and was loving life. Then one day I was watching the queens at the job I hated and I said “fuck this I’m going to do that” and left to only work at Sporties.

I chose my drag name because…

I knew I wanted to be Maxi something, I was like Maxi-pad?? Nah! Then my friend was like “what about Maxi-Bon” and I was like “ooohhh I quite like that, everyone loves a Maxi! Ooop catch phrase” Then I ran it past Chris White, Manager of the Sporties and he loved it too so I locked it in and Maxi was birthed! I also just love walking into Sporties or a venue and just people shouting MAAAXXXXIIIIIII!

RuPauls’ Drag Race is…

In desperate need of Brisbane/Meanjin drag for Down Under at least. But I do think Drag Race is a great platform that has helped queens get more opportunities.  I do think it has kinda blurred people’s perception of what drag is. It’s not just about doing crunchy dips and splits it’s much much more. 

My favourite song to perform is…

Either Poor Unfortunate Souls by Queen Latifah or Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here (Dance Remix) by Deborah Cox, Hex Hector.


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My best skill in being a drag performer is…

My stage presence and lip-syncing ability. Baby, I might not be giving you 100 stunts but I will always give a show.

The best thing a fan has done for me was…

One time after I was performing I had this young girl come up to me with some drawings. She drew a full anime-style picture of me in my smackdown finale gown and it was so cool! I have it hanging up in my treasure cabinet at home.

The worst experience I’ve had in drag is…

A story! I just finished performing my first production show of GaySchool at Sporties with my good friends Becky, Ladybird and Quiche Lorraine. We walked out to the smoker’s area where I saw my friend Bizzi Body telling someone to go away who was trying to burn the pride flag!

We yelled at him and told him to f@$k off, then he ripped down the flag. I was so so angry and I stormed outside and started tying the flag back up. Everyone in Sporties started clapping and cheering but then he came back and got right up in my face and ripped it down again, so I just tied it back up. It was pretty scary but I felt supported and loved knowing that if anything was to happen I had my entire community behind me.

Bizzi and my friends then called me MaxiPJohnson for like a week, it was hilarious.

The drag performer who deserves more attention is…

Honestly this performer is doing pretty well for herself so far but she is just too iconic not to mention, it’s none other than the trans icon, esoteric Brats Doll herself, Lola Eclipse.

Something people don’t know about doing drag is…

How much work goes into it and how tiring it can be on the body!

The most important skill you can have as a drag artist is…

Having thick thighs, haha I’m kidding! Honestly, I should say sewing but as that would be hypocritical I’m going to say stage presence. You can know the words but be standing there like a deer in headlights, or you can be doing a million tricks but it feels like you’re trying to fill in space.

When you’re performing, own that stage, command it and engage with your audience.

Also, be kind and respectful, we all love a bit of shade here and there but don’t be that rude drag queen in the corner, cause some people think being mean will make them look cool or get booked but it does quite the opposite. 

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