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In times of uncertainty, people often seek solace from religion, therapy, or life coaches. However, many find profound guidance and healing through Psychic Mediums like Sonita Singh of Soul2Path.

When people come to a crossroads in life, need advice on relationships or are working through the grief of losing a loved one, people often turn to religion, therapy or a life coach for help.

Well-being and healing can be achieved through several methods, but there is one medium outside of this realm that many seek out and find powerful results, that being Psychic Mediums.

Many a weary and troubled soul have sought out the guidance and help of psychic advisors for millennia. They can be traced back to the famous Oracle of Delphi of Ancient Greece, and today can be found in Australia with talented mediums like Sonita Singh.

“Being able to have somebody to talk to is really important for them” Sonita tells us, referring to those who seek out her gifts. “

Sometimes it’s just about airing it out. Sometimes it’s just being able to take a breath, find some clarity, and get something off their chest.”

As fortune has it, Sonita Singh and Soul2Path are your 21st-century links to gifted advisors, so you can save the trip to Greece for your next holiday and connect to the Divine from the comfort of your own home.

What is Soul2Path?

Soul2Path is a 24/7 online platform where people can be connected via the phone to a range of gifted and experienced advisors in Australia.

Most phone psychic services are only available in the United States and aren’t always accurate when outside the context of the Australian zeitgeist.

Soul2Path’s advisors are all Australia-based and offer a range of services, including clairvoyance (future sight), Tarot card reading and mediumship (speaking with those who have passed on).

“There’s choice for people to gravitate towards who they feel is best for them at that time,” Sonita tells us.

Soul2Path works by purchasing blocks of time in 15-minute increments which are added to your account.

Once you’ve purchased your time and selected your preferred advisor, simply call up and use their unique code to speak to them. Once you’ve finished your session, any remaining time will be banked to your account to be used at a later date or topped up if you would like more time with the same or different advisor.

While other psychics or therapy services require lengthy appointment lead times, Soul2Path provides an instant connection to advisors.

“We can be there to support them through whatever situation they’re in at that moment and help them navigate and work out what’s best for them,” Sonita says, highlighting Soul2Path’s unique 24/7 phone service.

“The convenience of being able to access us whenever they really need it. They’re not wanting to wait because sometimes waiting can make things worse and exasperate anxiety and stress.”

Meet Sonita Singh

One of Soul2Path’s most well-regarded psychic mediums is Sonita Singh.

Well-known as a gifted clairvoyant, psychic reader, medium and spiritual consultant to celebrities, Sonita has a wealth of experience with her gifts and has helped hundreds of people across the world.

“I’m a psychic medium, and I work purely intuitively. I connect with the energy around people,” Sonita explains.

“People may ask a question or talk about an area they want me to look into, and I basically tune into their energy and ‘bang!’ all the information comes through. I hear things in my head, I see pictures and I’m able to emotionally profile who I’m reading to say ‘Hey, I’ve got you and I understand how you’re feeling.’”

Sonita’s gifts are so powerful and accurate, that they led her to Los Angeles to film a television show and has become highly regarded for her craft.

Through Soul2Path, Sonita has been able to connect with dozens of Australians every day to help them work through their grief, fears, confusion and anxieties.

“They’re wanting somebody who understands how to help people move through the process,” Sonita explains, telling us that many of her clients are seeking patience, validation and understanding.

“I always say to my clients ‘It’s more about moving forward and not being stagnant.’ That it’s okay to move through this within a timeframe that works for you, as long as you’re moving forward.”

Sonita offers psychic mediumship, emergency psychic consultations, clairvoyant insights, trauma healing, life coaching and energetic healing for inner journeys with Soul2Path.

Sonita and a diverse range of gifted psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and other advisors are available 24/7 and are ready to assist however they can. Sonita’s Soul2Path profile can be found at

Grief, Love and Relationships

While many people seek out psychics to work through big choices and moments in their lives, Sonita tells us that often she connects with those who are struggling with romantic relationships or with grief.

“People want to know “Will this out?’ or ‘What’s going on with this relationship?’ A majority of these phone calls I get are from people wanting to find somebody to spend their life with, but they also want to be happy within their relationship. So they’re seeking ways of being able to be supported while they navigate that.”

When it comes to the loss of a loved one, mediumship is often used to connect to them and move through strong feelings of grief and loss.

“If they’re still pretty raw or they’re going through a difficult time, they do want to know that their loved one is in a good place” Sonita tells us.

“For them to know that they’re not alone and that their loved one, even though they’re not physically there, that there is still that strong connection. Most of the time it is about moving through grief when you’re doing mediumship work and just doing it step by.”

Needing guidance, or just a friendly soul? Soul2Path is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers gifted psychics and mediums who are highly experienced in their craft, as well as empathy, support and care.

-For those wanting to explore a connection to a passed loved one, or to find some advice and support through difficult times, you can browse Soul2Path’s extensive list of psychics at or call 1300 732 337.

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