Someone buy Woolworths and Coles an abacus

Coles and Woolworths

After last year’s $300 million underpayment scandal at Woolworths, we now see another supermarket giant caught up in a similar scandal with Coles admitting to $20 million in underpayments.

FFS! Can’t these supermarkets count?

The giant supermarket chains have computer inventory systems that track stock from the paddock to the trolley. Their software controls produce from the farm they purchase it from, along transport chains, into warehouses, onto the shelves of their stores, through the checkout and out the doors.

They can assess whether a stock is damaged, sold, stolen or close to use-by-date.

Coles and Woolworths have computers at their self-service checkouts clever enough to replace staff. Those computers can weigh your produce, confirm that the weight of an item placed in your bag corresponds with the product you scanned and discern the difference between a 5 cent piece and a $2 coin.

Yet they struggle to pay their staff properly?

In October, Woolworths revealed underpayments to nearly 6000 salaried team members over nine years, amounting to $300 million.

Coles last week revealed $20 million in underpayment to salaried team members in its supermarkets and liquor businesses.

These huge and hugely profitable corporations apply extreme diligence to tracking their stock. They need to apply the same diligence to paying their staff.

If you suspect you are being screwed in your workplace, don’t take it lying down. Every employee deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

If you are having a workplace issue, please call IR Claims on 1300 853 837.

Destiny Rogers

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