‘So much pain’: Singer Alfie Arcuri reveals horror injury

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The Voice Australia winner Alfie Arcuri has opened up a horrifying back injury ordeal that saw him undergo multiple surgeries.

The 34-year-old, who’s openly gay and won our 2016 season of The Voice, told news.com.au about the painful injury he suffered in Europe last year.

Arcuri had travelled to Russia last August to perform at international music contest New Wave.

But travelling through Europe as Covid was intensifying in Sydney, Arcuri realised he needed to get back home.

The singer told news.com.au he was in Tuscany, Italy when he fell off a ladder inside his home. The nasty fall ultimately shattered discs in his back.

“I fell for two metres and landed on my feet,” Arcuri recalled.

“I was holding a packet of M&Ms and just slipped, and when I fell the people I was living with all ran because they thought [the M&Ms were] my teeth.


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“I couldn’t breathe for like 20 seconds. My whole body was winded. Which is what would’ve shattered the disc.

“I was worried at first, but then it all slowly went away.”

But following the injury, the singer went on to suffer severe back pain.

Several months later, back in Australia, Arcuri found himself struggling to stand for more than a few minutes during a gig.


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Back pain returned ‘200 times worse’

Alfie Arcuri told news.com.au that in March he got medical help and underwent his first ever surgery.

“I was just desperate to work at that point, but I was in so much pain. I had lost feeling in my feet,” Arcuri said.

“I had an MRI and they could see I shattered my discs.

“I had a microdiscectomy, where they opened up the spine and took out the disc fragments.”

But sadly the first procedure wasn’t the end of the ordeal. Twenty four hours later, Arcuri said he was suffering “the worst pain” of his life.

“It was like I was in labour, not that I know what that’s like,” he said.

“But it was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. It was 200 times worse than the pain I had before.”

He said an MRI revealed that disc fragments remained in his back and they touching a nerve. A day later, he was rushed back into surgery.

Alfie Arcuri releases new song about mental health

But now Arcuri says he’s on the mend. He’s undergoing personal training sessions and pilates to recover.

Last Friday, Alfie released new single Overtime, on which he talks honestly about mental health and anxiety.

“This song is about my struggles with anxiety,” he explained.


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“I know I’m not alone – I’ve witnessed so many of my music industry peers suffer during Covid mentally and financially.

“[I] and wanted to stress the importance of helping others and sharing our stories amidst this collective consciousness.

“I wanted to offer a sense of a hope of our industry shifting from the inside and out and that ‘the sunrise’ is around the corner.”

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