Small town counters anti-gay bigots with pizza box art

pizza box art Guerneville
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Residents of the small town of Guerneville, California devised a novel but effective solution to the out-of-town anti-gay protestors who regularly interfered with the peace and quiet of their town. They drive the bigots away with pizza box art.

The pizza box art counter-protests began by accident. The religious demonstrators regularly gather outside Smart Pizza, the business of local woman Suzi Kuhr. Suzi told the Press Democrat that the protestors yell at pedestrians not to eat at her business because of the Rainbow Flag out front.

“There has been no effect, if anything we get more business.

“There’s no room for hate here. There’s no need for it.”

F_ck these people

A couple of months ago, Louis Britton, one of Suzi’s employees had an idea. He painted the words ‘F_ck these people” on a pizza box and posed near the protestors for a photo. (See below.)

The photo spread on social media, including on the Facebook page of Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins.

Following Louis’s initial one-man protest, other locals, straight and gay, joined in. They formed the Pizza Box Brigade. When the religious demonstrators show up in Guerneville, the locals counter them with their handmade pizza box art.

Suzy Kuhr has her own. It reads, “Jesus loves me and my girlfriend.”


Queer visitors started visiting Guerneville in the 1970s. In addition to gay-owned businesses, the town boasts a number of resorts catering mainly to gay visitors and the local events calendar includes annual LGBTIQ+-themed weekends. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence run a renowned bingo game in the town.

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