Small Mouth Vodka: The liquor that tastes as good as it looks

Three bottles of Small Mouth Vodka, incluing shimmering passionfruit vodka, elderflower gin, and caramel vodka
Image: Amsnel Gorgonio

All that glitters isn’t gold, but Small Mouth Vodka sure is.

Nestled in the heart of northern New South Wales lies the Small Mouth Vodka distillery – home of the premium spirits which business owners Paul Addis and Peter Clarke have worked tirelessly to perfect.

This distillery takes pride in going above and beyond the boundaries of colourless and flavourless vodka, offering a vibrant selection of delicious Vodka, Gin, and Liqueurs – all infused with shimmering edible glitter to make each bottle come alive.

Small Mouth Vodka is crafted from the finest organic ingredients sourced within New South Wales, along with a base of Hunter Valley rainwater which then undergoes a meticulous process of being distilled through copper pot stills then filtered through activated carbon for an unparalleled purity and an elevated taste.

I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of the liquors to see for myself what the hype was about – and they didn’t disappoint.

Small Mouth, huge flavours

For full transparency, I was once a non-believer in vodka – finding most vodkas relatively flavourless.

So when Small Mouth Vodka distillery gifted QNews three of their signature liquors to try, I was sceptical at first.

Of course, the shimmering and glittering contents of the bottles were enticing.

The silky buttery colour of their Passionfruit Vodka, the glittery gold Caramel Vodka and the deep, royal purple of their Elderflower Gin were so magnificent to look at, I was tempted to keep the bottles on the shelf as decoration.

But after trying each of the liquors, I’m glad I didn’t.

Shimmering Passionfruit Vodka

I first tried the Passionfruit Vodka, which I brought along with me to a picnic during one of Brisbane’s particularly warm Winter days.

I mixed the liquor with soda water and crushed ice, bringing out an even sparklier and crisper quality to the drink with the help of the edible glitter.

The subtle fruity flavour of the drink was perfect for cooling off – without the usual bite that vodka sodas tend to have.

Shimmering Caramel Vodka

Next, I invited some guests over for Friday night espresso martinis – cracking open the Caramel Vodka to spice up the flavour of the drinks.

The rich coffee flavour of the martinis and layer of delicious caramel undertones produce an almost caramel latte flavour which left my guests absolutely craving more.

Shimmering Elderflower Gin

Finally, I got to try the Elderflower Gin. As a pretty unadventurous gin-drinker, I was excited to try one of the cocktail recipes from the Small Mouth Vodka website.

I opted for their Elderflower Blossom cocktail, switching out their Shimmering Raspberry Liquor for a raspberry-flavoured tonic water instead.

Some frozen raspberries and a spruce of mint leaves take this deliciously refreshing drink to a whole new level of revitalization.

I definitely recommend this one after a long week, for some after-work drinks or for a boozy Sunday brunch with mates.

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