‘Disgraceful’: Aussie tour promoters hit back at Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks new rant against Australia
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Azealia Banks has wrapped up her chaotic tour with a new rant blasting “broke and racist” Australia as the promoters who brought her to Australia furiously hit back.

The US rapper’s wild tour of Australia this month was plagued by postponed dates, last-minute cancellations and fan confusion over her Instagram videos.

She cancelled her show in Brisbane just hours beforehand, citing safety concerns after a “racist and demoralising” experience years earlier.

In a new series of Instagram posts on Tuesday, Azealia wrote, “So this will be my last time touring Australia.

“Y’all white people down here are broke and racist LMAO.”

She also fired a string of accusations at local tour promoters Point Productions and Bizarro, who she accused of “scamming” her and are “now trying to cite all these stupid things as reasons not to pay me a dime,” which both companies have strongly denied.

“These Australian promoters are really some PUBIC LICE,” she wrote.

“I flew all the way across the world to go home empty-handed. Sweet. I will not be back.

“My gut instinct told me not to come down here and stay my ass home. Next time I will listen to myself… for I am more often than not… always right.”

But on Tuesday the tour promoters both hit back at “untrue” allegations Banks made on Instagram.

“Point Productions is aware of recent disparaging comments by Ms Banks about us, and about her experience during her tour of Australia,” a spokesperson said.

“Her allegations against us are untrue and we disagree with her comments.

“We deliver the highest standard of excellence to all of our talent. Ms Banks was no exception.

“We can confidently say that we did everything possible to meet Ms Banks’ expectations, and to create an accommodating and safe experience for her, her fans and everyone involved at the shows and on tour.

“Point Productions would like to express its gratitude to everyone who attended shows for the Azealia Banks tour.

“It has been a pleasure hosting you all throughout the run and we look forward to an exciting 2023.”

‘Her lack of care and appreciation for her fans was disgraceful’

In a statement, Bizarro also rejected Banks’ string of “slanderous” claims on her Instagram and fired back about her own conduct.

“Whilst we have paid our fees to Azealia’s touring agent, we have also been led to believe that the majority of her tour has been paid to her personally in full, despite her willingness to burn down every show of the run,” a spokesperson said.

The company said Banks’ “slanderous claims made against us personally as individuals and scammers” are “entirely false”.

“While we don’t generally expect contracted artists to assist us in promoting their shows, we certainly haven’t ever had an artist actively work against us like this.

“We were not naive to Azealia’s reputation. But we were excited by her as an artist and felt confident that these were over sensationalised by the media and that she meant well.

“The lack of care she shows to her team, the people she works with, and her fans was truly disappointing to see.

“She was not present for any press opportunities. She failed to arrive at any event in a timely manner.

“Azealia willingly posted inaccurate, disrespectful and slanderous content online.

“Her lack of care and appreciation for her fans, who make such an event possible, was disgraceful.”

‘I enjoyed myself but I’m not coming back down here’

Azealia Banks’ local tour got off to a bad start in New Zealand when Auckland fans only got a five-song set.

After postponed dates due to “visa issues” the rapper cancelled in Brisbane but performed a full, hour-long set in Sydney.

Her rescheduled concert in Victoria also went ahead with fans getting a much shorter set.

On Tuesday, she again called out Australia’s exchange rate compared to US currency, writing: “$1 AUD = .61 USD.” Last week she labelled the Australian dollar a “third world currency”.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to rag on Australia even more than I have been, but this little 61 cents to the dollar,” she wrote.

“I’d spend a lot more money trying to sue these Australian promoters for their little Australian pennies than I would if you just count it as charity.

“The ever-charitable, generous queen Azealia Banks. I’m not just a charity for f___in’ Australia.

“I hope y’all enjoyed the shows. I had fun – I did, I enjoyed myself [but] I’m not coming back down here.”

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  1. Not a fan
    29 December 2022

    Azealia Banks’ concert was not selling in QLD not because no one really likes her (c)rap music.
    Take your race card and 212 back to the USA

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