Skittles packets go colourless for the first time in Australia to support Minus18 and LGBTQIA+ youth

Skittles No Rainbow Colourless Pack

Skittles have today announced they will be launching a colourless packet to support Minus18 and LGBTQIA+ youth in Australia.

The company behind the famous rainbow treats have announced they have partnered with Minus18 for the initiative.

As part of the promotion, Skittles are creating the worlds biggest Augmented reality rainbow. 

Skittles partners with Minus 18

Colourless Skittle packets have been famous during pride months internationally, now they have reached Australian stores.

Traditionally like many brands, Skittles have promoted this initiative during pride month celebrations.

However this time they are launching in February with a goal of supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in Australia.

In order to achieve this Skittles have partnered with Minus18.

Minus18 are an organisation dedicated to providing, advocacy, empowerment, support, information and visibility for LGBTQIA+ youth.

In their 2020 report, which focussed on “regional and rural Australia. 88% of LGBTQIA+ youth believed there was not adequate support or education in their region, which resulted in higher instances of harassment and social isolation.”

So how will the Skittles and Minus18 partnership help our youth?

Skittles and Minus18 to create “The Worlds Biggest Rainbow”

Together Skittles and Minus18 will create the “Worlds Biggest Rainbow” via a digital augmented reality program to spread awareness and raise funds.

Colourless Skittles packets will have a QR code on each packet.

Customers who scan the code are taken to a page that provides information and links to Minus18 and directions to donate to Minus18.

Skittles have even committed to matching community donations of up to $30,000 to assist Minus18 to reach rural and regional youth.

Users are also invited to “Launch the rainbow.”

A digital rainbow appears across the screen inviting the user to tap the various colours of the rainbow.

Each colour sends a batch of Skittles flying out to provide information and links to various information for the customer.

Topics include “Pronouns,” “Celebrating Diversity” and “LGBTQIA+ identities.”

The promotion is geared towards not only raising money but also vital awareness for the organisation and the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We implore all Aussies to unite with us under The World’s Biggest Rainbow this 2022”

Micah Scott, CEO and Founder of Minus18 is enthusiastic about the partnership with Skittles and the potential positive impact it brings to the community.

“Brands who utilise their platform to drive change are powerful allies in creating a more inclusive Australia for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

“We need their support to deliver programs for free and reach people from every corner of the country.”

“Our goal is to reach regional and rural communities that we’ve never had a connection with before, to ensure even the most remote locations have access to this kind of support.”

“We implore all Aussies to unite with us under The World’s Biggest Rainbow this 2022.”

Colourless Skittle packets are available at all major retailers in Australia from February 9th until stocks last.

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