Six queer films from 2021 to watch these holidays

Best Queer Film list of 2021

There’s nothing better to do than sit back and binge a good film these holidays, especially a good queer film.

2021 has certainly delivered plenty to choose from.

We’ve picked six great queer films worth watching these holidays.

Christmas on the farm – Stan

Christmas on the Farm was the first gay role for Hugh Sherdian. 

In this cute original Christmas queer film, Hugh shone in his role as David.

After her mother, Clementine passes away Emmy pens a memoir posing as her mother about life on her family farm in Australia.

The book is swiftly picked up by a major publisher with enough money provided to help keep the farm afloat.

But not before the publisher insists on a visit to meet “Clementine” on the farm.

Emmy must rush back to Australia to create a convincing ruse of domestic family life.

She needs to find a husband, a daughter and drop her American accent, in just a few short days.

Enter David (Hugh Sheridan) and Miles (Nicholas Brown), the highly entertaining couple who currently manage the farm in her absence.

In a situation reminiscent of The Birdcage, David must pose as her husband as they attempt to fool Emmy’s publisher.

Christmas on the Farm is a lighthearted, highly entertaining queer film well worth the watch with a good glass of wine these holidays.

Watch the trailer below.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie – Amazon Prime

There’s something special about Jamie and he knows it.

This camp and colourful 16-year-old schoolboy has dreams beyond what his teachers and classmates see for him.

Jamie wants nothing more than to be a drag queen.

Based on a true story Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a great musical queer film that is equally uplifting and heartbreaking.

Telling the story of the lives of Jamie and Margaret Campbell the film adaptation tells this beautiful original story.

Jamie is out and proud at school but still faces prejudice from both his peers and teachers.

School bully Dean Paxton is constantly on his case, while his hostile teacher Miss Hedge only serves to make life harder for Jamie.

Dean and his teacher ensure Jamie is banned from attending his school prom in drag.

What follows is a journey of self-discovery that is sure to melt your heart.

Watch the full trailer below.

Under My Skin – Stan

Australian non-binary actor Liv Hewson’s new romantic drama film Under My Skin is streaming in Australia on Stan.

The queer film follows Denny, a free spirit and artist who falls in love with lawyer Ryan.

However, the couple’s relationship is tested when Denny questions their gender.

Denny tunes into the fact they don’t identify as a cisgender woman, and as a result pressure and tensions escalate with Ryan.

The film’s lead role is played by four different actors: Liv Hewson (pictured), Bobbi Salvor Menuez, Lex Ryan, and Chloe Freeman. Australian actor Alex Russell also plays Ryan.

Producer Raynen O’Keefe, who identifies as trans and non-binary, said four actors playing the lead role “feels very intuitive.”

“The change points of actors are entirely redirections of internal compass for Denny,” they said.

“Simultaneously, the ensemble cast brings a multitude of perspectives to the experience of being non-binary.”

Watch the full trailer below.

Joe Bell – Apple TV Plus

Having only just completed its run at the cinema’s Joe Bell is available to purchase via your Apple TV subscription already.

This heart-wrenching queer film follows the true story of a father who loses his gay son Jadin to suicide. 

After coming to his father for help when confronted by bullies at school Jadin, played by Reid Miller, is still left feeling lost and alone.

Bullies continue to hound his school life in the scarring and emotional scenes depicted in the film.

Seemingly with nowhere left to turn Jadin tragically takes his own life.

Plagued with grief and regret about what he could have done to help his son, Joe Bell embarks on a mission.

Fuelled by the memories of what his son went through and determined to honor his memory Joe begins a walk across America in Jadin’s memory.

Taking him from Oregon to New York Joe is determined to speak at every school possible about bullying and what Jadin endured.

All the while the memory of Jadin travels with him in his solitude.

In a beautifully crafted story, Joe and Jadin are seen walking, laughing, fighting and crying together.

Although Jadin exists only in memory, the film perfectly weaves this memory together as a walking, talking character as Joe speaks to the memory that walks alone beside him.

You’ll need the tissues for this one, but you won’t be able to look away.

Watch the trailer below.

Cinderella – Amazon Prime

So technically, Cinderella is not a queer film.

However, it is an absolutely delightfully camp remake that certainly deserves our attention.

With the casting of Billy Porter as the newly imagined fairy godmother, that definitely makes it queer enough.

This high-energy musical take on the Cinderalla classic is camp and colourful, it’s Glee meets Disney, in all the right ways.

Original songs like A Million To One set the tone perfectly.

Meanwhile, the camp remakes and mashups are cute, fun, and entertaining.

Madonna’s Material Girl sung by the wicked stepmother (Edina Mezel) is fabulous.

But the Seven Nationa Army/What a Mighty Fine Man mashup at the famous ball hosted by the prince is perfectly executed to a stellar dance routine.

Throw out your previous ideas about what a Cinderalla movie is supposed to be and prepare for something different.

Sit back and enjoy this camp and fabulous remake for what it is.

Watch the full trailer below.

Stage Mother – Stan

Jacki Weaver, Lucy Lui, and drag queens need we say more?

This cute little queer film is the perfect way to wrap up our list.

Aussie Academy Award Jacki Weaver winner plays Maybelline, a Southern Baptist church choir director whose son, a gay San Francisco club owner, suddenly dies.

After his death, she soon discovers her son’s struggling gay bar will go bankrupt and she’s inherited it.

But she doesn’t close it down. Instead, she shocks everyone by moving from Texas to San Francisco to take over the venue.

Maybelline finds herself becoming drag mother to all the venue’s performers, who become her new family. She even gets up on stage herself to perform alongside the other queens.

“I’m a Southern Baptist choir mistress,” she responds when asked what she knows about drag.

“Different songs, same divas… some of the same wigs, too.”

Stage Mother has everything to love, so settle in with good wine and good company to enjoy this one.

Watch the trailer below.

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