Six Brisbane queens we want to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race Australia

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Vollie LaVont, Mandy Moobs and Sellma Soul. Photos: Joel Devereux

With production of RuPaul’s Drag Race Australia getting underway soon, tongues are wagging and speculation is rife about who will take part.

After a local version of the show was first teased in 2019, production on the long-awaited Aussie spinoff will finally begin in COVID-free Auckland, New Zealand in late January.

Brisbane has an incredible drag scene, with every Brisbane venue practically overflowing with amazing talent and too many amazing queens to name.

So we decided it was only fitting to take a look at some of the Queenslanders we’d love to see on the show.

However, please don’t come for us! This is not a definitive ranking, just a sample of some of the talented performers Brisbane has to offer. No spoilers here!

Vollie LaVont

Maaaaaaate! What can we say? Vollie is and has been a staple of the Brisbane scene for years. Making drag a full time job is difficult in any town and Vollie has earned her stripes.

From hosting to competing to performing Vollie is an award winning queen with personality and humour to boot. The hostess with the mostest, Vollie can be seen hosting her regular gig “Vollie and Friends” at the Wickham Hotel.

If anything her iconic “New Year, New Me” series is enough to earn her spot. Given her chance onscreen Vollie would turn it out in challenges and on the Drag Race Australia runway.

Sellma Soul

Sellma is arguably one of the most high profile queens in recent times. The performer catapulted into the spotlight during her time on The Voice, earning a spot on Team Boy George.

But it’s not just her time on TV that makes her a noteworthy contender. Sellma has worked and collaborated across the city from the corporate scene to trivia nights, performing, singing and competing. There isn’t anything she hasn’t put her hand to.

Her quirky persona and unique style make her the perfect contender for Drag Race Australia. We can’t WAIT to see how this turns out.


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Mandy Moobs

More easily known as Mandy “Everywhere” Moobs, one would be forgiven for thinking this talented queen was somehow managing to clone herself.

Often appearing at multiple venues in one night, Mandy is an esteemed, award-winning performer with her unique style, classiness and quirkiness.

Somehow balancing her performance schedule with her creative pursuits, Mandy is also a full-time seamstress. As well as making her own stunning outfits, Mandy also dresses many of Brisbane’s talented queens.

If there were only one reason to see Miss Moobs on Drag Race Australia it would be to see her iconic “Kath Day-Knight” make an appearance on Snatch Game. It’d be noice, different, unewesual.

Chocolate Boxx

Winning the Miss First Nations competition as well as the Queens Ball Drag Performer of The Year Award in 2019, Chocolate Boxx has proven herself as a fabulous and fierce performer.

It should go without saying that 2021 can only be just as bright for this shining star.

A staple at both The Beat and Sportsman Hotel it’s hard to miss the loud and fabulous energy of this over the top outrageous queen.

Australia will easily fall in love with the Boxx if she takes to the Drag Race Australia runway. How could you not?

Gayleen Tuckwood

Well known for her iconic and dynamic cow inspired designs, which are udderly fantastic, yes we went there. Gayleen has been the one to watch for many years. Her steady rise through the ranks of the Brisbane scene has been a delight to observe.

Gayleen is without a doubt, one determined queen, having entered what would seem like every single drag competition in town, giving up is not in her vocabulary.

Now a regular host of Balls out Bingo at the Sportsman Hotel, Gayleen is a consistent performer on the drag circuit and also an incredibly talented queen.

Working alongside Mandy Moobs, together they create incredible and unique designs that will ensure Gayleen could slay the Drag Race Australia runway.


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Bebe Gunn

Bebe is another Brisbane queen with a growing and influential profile across the city. Not only is she a talented performer and triple threat, Bebe has been a driving force behind the scenes showcasing Brisbane’s amazing talent through Drag Nation Australia.

Bebe can be seen performing just about everywhere, including her Drag Brunch events at Cloudland.

In 2020 Bebe won Drag Performer of The Year at the virtual 2020 Queens Ball Awards.

2021 only stands to be another amazing year for this talented performer, on screen we could only expect her to come out on top as a challenge beast.


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Who do the queens want to watch on Drag Race Australia? touched base with the queens and while all remain tight-lipped about any potential spoilers we asked them all who they’d like to see appear.

“There is so much phenomenal drag talent in Brisbane,” Vollie LaVont told

“I’d be beyond excited and proud to see any of our Queensland queens strut their stuff on telly maaaate!”

Sellma Soul said she’d love to see Chocolate Boxx compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race Australia.

“She’s a fierce performer with a heart of gold and that’s an understatement. I would be afraid if she rocked up,” she said.

Chocolate Boxx said she’d like to see “powerhouse Brisbane queens” like Mandy Moobs, Vollie LaVont, Tina Bikki or Shaniqua T-Bone.

“But Brisbane has a lot of talent, so I’d be happy to see any one of our amazing queens on the show,” she told

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