Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams spoke at a Belfast Pride event this week saying that marriage equality in Northern Ireland was bound to happen soon even though an equality bill was rejected by parliament in April.

Adams spoke of his involvement in the successful marriage referendum seen in the Republic of Ireland and urged not just the LGBT community to continue striving for equality, but to encourage family and friends to get involved.

“We need to use all the tools, and what won the referendum was ordinary people, mammies and daddies and grannies, uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters, saying ‘I have a family member who is gay’,” Adams said.

“We all know people who are gay in our own families and our own political parties and our own communities and work … I was heavily involved in that campaign. It was the most cheerful, hopeful, inoffensive campaign you could have ever have been involved in and the outcome was joyous.”

Northern Ireland is now the only part of the British Isles that does not have same-sex marriage.

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