Shit scared of dentists: a painless visit to Face Value Dental

Dr Malcolm Duff Face Value Dental Brisbane scared of dentists

I’m shit scared of dentists. In fact, nothing else scares me quite so much.

I’m not usually subject to phobias.

Well, except for zombies of course. Yes. I suffer from kinemortophobia. But everyone worries about zombies, don’t they?

Well, except for the dental hygienist at Face Value Dental who denied ever thinking about them.

And also bilbies. I often check under my desk, fearful of seeing one of their evil little faces staring back.


“When was your last visit?” the receptionist asked.


This was embarrassing. “About ten years ago.”

Yes, that’s right. I hate to admit it. I’m mortified. But it’s more than ten years since my last dental check-up.

The dentist, like I said, is my greatest fear. The problem is, I HAD to get over my fear cause if I waited any longer, I’d be needing a set of dentures.

“It’s irrational,” I told myself, “Grow up. Put on your big boy pants.”

Dr Malcolm Duff Face Value Dental Brisbane Richard Bakker scared of dentists
Richard Bakker (QNews Publisher) with Dr Malcolm Duff at Face Value Dental

Face Value Dental |  Richard Bakker scared of dentists

In any case, I went to Face Value Dental, after biting my nails and clicking on Facebook fake veneer ads for the three days leading up to the appointment.

Following the teeth cleaning, I was lucky enough to score Dr Malcolm Duff I as my dentist. This gentleman was extremely patient, amazingly gentle, professional and incredibly thorough!

I found out after he’s the principle of this seriously teched up practice.

Face Value has some really high tech. Following a 3D digital scan, they fixed up a broken tooth and fitted a crown the same day.

Their amazing machine carves out the tooth during the same appointment.

The ‘same day crown’ service meant I didn’t need a second visit. More cost-effective for both the dentist and the patient, requiring less travel time and less time in the chair.

PLUS — fewer needles. Ok. That’s my real phobia — trypanophobia — fear of needles. Despite that, I’m now vaxxed up with a brilliant smile. Bring on the post-COVID world, zombies, bilbies, and all.

I’m ready to party and no longer afraid. With my new favourite dentist — no more anxiety about future replacements and repairs.

Check out Face Value Dental for yourself.

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