Shelton loses it over lesbian aunts in My Little Pony

My Little Pony lyle shelton

Lyle Shelton, failed senate candidate for the Australian Conservatives in the recent federal election,  has lashed out on social media against My Little Pony, over two new characters in the popular cartoon. Scootaloo introduces her lesbian aunts in an upcoming episode entitled The Last Crusade.

Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty are the first-ever same-sex couple on the show.

They previously appeared in My Little Pony books but this marks their first appearance in the animated series.

The name of the episode perhaps also annoyed Shelton, recently described in a Courier-Mail article as a Christian crusader.

It is possibly a description he himself feels suitable.

He posted to his website the day after the federal election

“I don’t know what’s next for me. But I do know the political and cultural war against Western Civilisation and its Christian foundations is far from over.”

My Little Pony’s lesbian aunts

Shelton tweeted that the new characters represent “indoctrination” and a negative consequence of marriage equality.

“We said indoctrinating your children and your grandchildren would be a consequence of [same-sex] ‘marriage’,” he wrote.

“It’s a brave new world folks and we need to push back while we still can. Sitting outside politics is no longer an option for conservatives.”

Social media responded to Shelton’s tweet with amusement and mockery.

Cartoon Ponies aren’t real

“First we’re gonna have to break the news to him that talking cartoon ponies aren’t real,” wrote one person.

“Marriage is between straight ponies only?” asked another.

Others responded more seriously, defending the cartoon and lesbian aunts everywhere.

“My lesbian great-aunt was born in 1902. Lesbian aunties have been around since the dawn of time, Lyle. Give it a rest, pet,” wrote one person.

“If children are aware there are same sex couples in the world, there is less likely to be bigotry,” tweeted another.

“It doesn’t mean children will turn gay, and if they are, then at least they might think they won’t be discriminated against, which could lead to depression and self-harm.”

My Little Pony writer, Michael Vogel, defended the characters presence in the script.

“My Little Pony has always been about friendship and accepting people (or ponies) that are different from you. So it just felt like something important to do.”

Lyle Shelton and same-sex marriage

Shelton, formerly of the Australian Christian Lobby, was one of the most prominent voices against marriage equality during the debate leading up to the 2017 vote.

He vowed after marriage equality was enacted to keep fighting against it “for years or decades”, and has continued to make public anti-LGBTIQ comments.

Last year he slammed the AFL for providing unisex bathrooms at its Pride Game, calling it a consequence of same-sex marriage.

“We said the LGBTIQ gender agenda would continue marching through society,” Shelton said in a Facebook video.

“‘Go to the toilet that best suits your gender identity or expression’—what the heck does that mean?”

Last Pride Month he spoke out against drink company SodaStream for its inclusive ad campaign featuring rainbow families, accusing it of celebrating “forced motherlessness”.

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