Shampoo Challenge – boys & their toys during isolation

shampoo challenge
Image: @NollieJGnarly Twitter

The pandemic thus far brought us toilet paper hoarding, the Tiger King, and dressing up to put the bin out. But out with the old and in with the new. Restless minds tire easily. So, they venture forth in search of new and exciting experiences. Thus was born the Shampoo Challenge.

While masturbation proved a big hit in the early days of social distancing, bored lads soon got over it. They looked at their dicks and thought ‘how else can you amuse me?’


The Shampoo Challenge involves balancing a shampoo bottle on a (usually clothed and often erect) penis. A photograph of the feat is then uploaded to Twitter as evidence of the accomplishment.

Of course, men do not take instruction well. It appears some did not properly comply with the rules of the challenge. Take this dude. I’m no expert, but that looks suspiciously unlike a penis under his t-shirt.

While I’m quite sure suspending the bottle is not in the spirit of the shampoo challenge, this competitor deserves extra points for dedication regardless.

Dude, put the seat down

This competitor needed someone to tell him that — yes, you’re cute — and yes, you have performed the challenge correctly.

But dude, it would take less than a minute to throw the doona over the bed and put the toilet seat down.


This guy has got this!

And finally, I would have shared this guy’s video of the Shampoo Challenge with you, but it was a little too bold for us.😈🍆💦

So, if you’d like to see the full image, the video it comes from or lots of other very bold content, just pop along to Alextrejo77

shampoo challenge
Image: alextrejo77 Twitter

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