Sexual health: Vaping doubles risk of erectile dysfunction

vaping e-cigarettes erectile dysfunction

Research shows vaping can double the risk of erectile dysfunction in healthy men aged 20 to 65. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine published the study which analysed the risk of erectile dysfunction from smoking e-cigarettes in almost 25,000 men.

The researchers discovered that vaping increases the risk of erectile dysfunction even in men with no other risk factors for impotence.

Study author Dr Omar El Shahawy is an assistant professor in the Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use section of New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine. Dr El Shahawy said traditional tobacco products are already known to impair normal erectile function. He said that newer generation e-cigarettes feature high nicotine delivery. Because of that researchers decided to examine the possible relationship between e-cigarettes and erectile dysfunction.

Dr El Shahawy said researchers excluded people with high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. They also excluded men with a history of smoking.

“Still we found a very strong and significant association between vaping and erectile dysfunction.”

The doctor said the study made no conclusions about the reason for the association.

“This may be only due to the nicotine in e-cigarettes, or there could be other components in the e-liquid.”

Meanwhile, he advised those considering vaping to exercise restraint.

“Overall, e-cigarettes are likely less harmful than smoking cigarettes.’

However, the doctor advised smokers should use vaping to reduce their nicotine use, rather than as a replacement for cigarettes.

If you don’t smoke, don’t start

“If you don’t smoke anything, don’t start. There is no point in vaping as it’s not safe on its own. But if you’re already smoking cigarettes and you want to stop, then ration your use of vapes. Keep vaping to a minimal level, just enough to get over your cravings, and then stop.”

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