Sellma Soul releases powerful song in response to Citipointe: It Gets Better

Sellma Soul Citipointe It Gets Better

Brisbane performer Sellma Soul has released a powerful song, It Gets Better, in response to the recent Citipointe controversy.

It Gets Better” is the latest track from the passionate Brisbane performer.

In true Sellma style, this pop-punk track has a lot to say.

Sellma Soul: It Gets Better

If you don’t know Sellma Soul yet, you should.

This powerhouse performer has been tearing up the Brisbane drag scene for years.

Strong, unashamed, and ready to take on the world this incredible trans performer has a voice that needs to be heard.

And we’re not just talking vocals.

Sellma Soul is known for not taking anyone’s bullshit and that’s what her latest track It Gets Better is all about.

After years of being told as queer people that It Gets Better things like the Citipointe schools crisis still keep cropping up.

The controversial school has again come under fire today regarding their treatment of LGBTQIA+ staff.

Sellma Soul has had enough.

“It Gets Better is a grubby little song about the homophobic bible bashing bigots who are currently infesting large sections of our Australian education system,” she says.

The lyrics speak volumes about the future we continue to tell our queer youth to expect, repeating that things are going to get better when they don’t always appear to.

“They say it’s gonna get better.

Guess what?

They say it’s gonna get better.

It’s not.”

Sellma raises a valid point.

We’ve been telling ourselves for years that it gets better, but when issues like Citipointe, the ACL & Lyle Shelton continue to pop up it can feel like things aren’t.

So much so, the singer has even included parts of the speech by controversial Citipointe principal Brian Mulheron on the track to emphasize her point.

“This track is a cry for help”

It Gets Better speaks from years of personal experience for Sellma Soul.

The cover image of the song itself features a school photo of the singer when she was a young student at a private school herself.

It’s a powerful reminder of the vulnerable youth currently in our religious school systems.

So Sellma Soul is speaking up for them in her own way as she always does.

“It gets better when you actively choose yourself, when we speak up, when you take the time to sit with the hurt and recognise it for all its ugliness” she said on Facebook.

“This track is a cry for help, another voice of another queer kid that deserved better.”

“The ignorance and vitriol that repeats on cycle in our education systems and our homes and in our country will only continue.”

This song is just as important now as it ever has been.

To find It Gets Better on your favourite music service, click HERE.


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