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Firecracker Films describes their UK based production as :  Gay saunas are places where gay men meet strangers to have sex. With exclusive access to one Nottingham business, this documentary enters the notorious, secretive world of the gay sauna for the very first time.

We meet the people who go there for sexual pleasures – from teachers to plumbers to Tory councillors – and the staff who clean up after them…. There is thought to be a gay sauna in almost every city in the UK. But what exactly happens inside?

On some levels CSC in Nottingham much like any normal, conventional sauna. It has a power shower, a jacuzzi and some changing rooms.

But it’s upstairs that is unique to a gay sauna. Here, the sauna dedicates over 1000 square feet of space to cater to every sexual need from ‘dark rooms’ to ‘sex swings’.

Customers come here at any time of day – during their lunch break or after a night out to indulge in sex with perfect strangers. And at £12 (UK) a visit, business is booming.

The documentary focusses on John & Joe, the gay couple who run CS2. Although a couple, they enjoy an open relationship. They do not remember when they indulged in sex with each other.

John and Joe happily mix business with pleasure.

During the documentary, one proposes to the other, obviously contrived for the film.).

Another man featured in the documentary, Narvel, in his late 60s, loves the sauna and the idea of casual random sex. Unlike his partner, who has never visited a sauna.

Also featured is the cleaner, a straight man. Although sympathetic to gay men and unconcerned about gay sex, he is uncomfortable admitting to anyone that he works in a gay sauna.

A Clip from Secrets of the Gay Sauna

Due to emails received, yes, there are GAY SAUNAS IN QUEENSLAND.

Further, to answer some repeated questions:

Saunas provide personal lockers and safe sex information.

Brisbane saunas offer complimentary towels, showers, condoms and lockers and even health checks.

Please note: Article illustrated by a stock image, not from the TV documentary. In Brisbane sauna goers usually wear  towels.

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