SECRETS OF THE GAY SAUNA – ABC 2 (now available online at ABC iView -link in story)


Firecracker Films describes their UK based production as :  Gay saunas are places where gay men meet strangers to have sex. With exclusive access to one Nottingham business, this documentary enters the notorious, secretive world of the gay sauna for the very first time.

We meet the people who go there for sexual pleasures – from teachers to plumbers to Tory councillors – and the staff who clean up after them…. There is thought to be a gay sauna in almost every city in the UK. But what exactly happens inside?


On some levels CSC in Nottingham much like any normal, conventional sauna. It has a power shower, a jacuzzi and some changing rooms. But it’s upstairs that is unique to a gay sauna. Here, over 1000sq ft of space is put aside to cater to every sexual need from ‘dark rooms’ to ‘sex swings’. Customers come here at any time of day – during their lunch break or after a night out to have sex with perfect strangers. And at £12 (UK) a visit, business is booming.

The documentary SECRETS OF THE GAY SAUNA will was shown on  ABC 2 TV  this Friday 10th July at 9:29pm.  IT IS NOW AVAILABLE  ON ABC iVIEWCLICK HERE


Due to emails received, yes, there are GAY SAUNAS IN QUEENSLAND and to answer some repeated questions:

There are 2 gay saunas in Queensland both based in Brisbane and they are a a more secure way to meet other men especially when meeting somebody from a Mobile App. Only saunas have lockers for everyone where ALL your valuables can be locked away! There have been increasing reports of men inviting other men home or to casual places to hook up after meeting via APPs., only to discovered they have been pick pocketed or burgled.   As police have warned in the last few years there are a growing number of people meeting via mobile phone Apps, that are taking people to their homes or other casual areas where they can be easily ripped off.  Saunas are safe in that they provide personal lockers,  “safe sex information”, they are authorised, work within health guidelines and have been operating for over 20 years here in Queensland with always somebody supervising the sauna to contact if there is a problem.

The 2 saunas in Brisbane are:  Northside Wet Spa & Sauna and Southside Bodyline.

Whilst this program is based on a UK experience, in Brisbane you are more likely to meet more to tourists and a wide range of men including many young country men in their 20s and 30s  who visit Brisbane on a regular basis.  In Brisbane you are offered complimentary towels, showers, condoms and lockers and even some health checks are available.

Just for the record this photo is not from the TV documentary, but is a stock image of a man in a sauna. In Brisbane men would probably be wearing a towel.