Secret Alan Jones recordings before Kyle & Jackie walkout

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After producers censored a conversation with Alan Jones on this morning’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the relentlessly dramatic radio duo refused to complete their shift. The subject of their conversation: the infamous secret recordings of Alan Jones.

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Alan Jones once ruled the morning airwaves but his radio career ended in 2020. His subsequent move to television proved short-lived with Sky News failing to renew his contract in November 2021.

Shock jocks behaving badly

So, this morning he made time to appear on Kyle and Jackie O to chat with Kyle about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And by rich and famous, we mean Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones. Rich and famous shock jocks. But after reminiscing about their palatial residences, luxury cars, and favourite restaurants, talk turned to secret recordings of shock jocks behaving badly.

By shock jocks behaving badly, we again mean Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones.

Kyle mentioned a panel operator on The Kyle and Jackie O Show watching compilation videos of infamous meltdowns by himself and Jones.

“How do they get hold of these things?” asked Jones, “Someone was in there secretly taping me.

“You do these advertisements. There was all this smoke in the room and I said, ‘What are we doing in here? I can hardly breathe.’ No one took any notice of me, so…”

And then there was nothing. Producers dumped the consequent conversation, apparently finding the beep button insufficient for whatever was said.

Following nine long minutes of pre-recorded ads, Kyle and Jackie O returned without Jones. Not even a ‘Goodbye Alan’.


But it gives us the opportunity to replay the Greatest Hits of Alan Jones. They’re oldies but goldies. Enjoy!

“Hello, I’m Alan Jones and it gives me the absolute shits to report that I’ll be back on Monday morning with all you f*ckwits.”

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1 Comment

  1. Peter Turner
    25 October 2022

    Why should we be surprised at the Diva tactics of this poor excuse for a human being?
    I was disgusted by his appearance on Q&A on the ABC a couple of weeks ago. Posing as a respectable “journalist” who’s opinion actually mattered.
    Even writing love letters to one of his male pupils or getting caught at a popular London beat couldn’t dent his career until even Sky grew tired of his antics.

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