Scott Morrison weighs in on Citipointe: ‘I don’t support that’

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared on Brisbane radio this morning to weigh in on the Citipointe Christian College religious discrimination controversy.

Scott Morrison phoned in to Brisbane radio station B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt to discuss the issue.

Making his stance very clear he told the hosts, “I don’t support that.”

Scott Morrison rejects Citipointe Christian College contract

Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane came under fire this week after revelations of their “inhumane” contract for students and parents.

The contract asked parents and students to denounce homosexuality and stated students would only be enrolled under the gender assigned at birth.

Brisbane comedian Christian Hull discovered the contract and launched a campaign to bring awareness to the issue.

Many reacted with outrage at the blatant religious discrimination.

It wasn’t long before it went viral, attracting the attention of Education Minister Grace Grace prompting her to refer the issue for investigation.

An online petition demanding the school withdraw the contract has amassed over 150,000 signatures.

When speaking to B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt this morning, Scott Morrison said he didn’t support the school’s policy.

“I don’t support that,” he said.

“My kids go to a Christian school here in Sydney and I wouldn’t want my school doing that either.”

Morrison told B105 his government would amend the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill to protect LGBTIQ students from expulsion.

Currently, under the federal Sex Discrimination Act, religious schools have an exemption to legally discriminate against LGBTIQ students on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity if done “in good faith in order to avoid injury to the religious susceptibilities of adherents” of the religion.

“The bill that we’re going to be taking through the parliament, we will have an amendment [to] ensure that the kids can’t be discriminated on that basis,” he said.

“I’ve been saying that for years. That’s always been my view.”

Scott Morrison first pledged to repeal the law in 2018. He did not give any details as to what the amendment would look like.

No mention of teachers or other workers

However whilst Scott Morrison flagged protections for students, there was no mention of teachers and other workers.

There are concerns the Religious Discrimination Bill could allow queer teachers as well as other workers to be denied work from faith-based organisations.

Scott Morrison told B105, “I think schools should be able to, you send your kids to a Christian School or a Muslim school or a Jewish school. They should be able to teach kids in that way.

“Religious freedom isn’t just about people who have religion, it’s also about people who don’t.

“You shouldn’t be discriminated against by what your religious faith is or isn’t.

“That’s what the bill we’re trying to take through the parliament is all about.

“It actually protects and supports all Australians, whether they have a faith or they don’t.”

Equality Australia “cautiously welcomed” the Prime Minister’s commitment to “long overdue” law changes removing “outdated” exemptions protect LGBTQ+ students.

But the group warned “better protections must apply to both teachers and students”.

“The Religious Discrimination Bill will invite more of these kinds of discriminatory practices,” legal director Ghassan Kassisieh said.

“It will allow religious organisations to discriminate against any worker that holds a different belief from their faith-based employer.

“The Prime Minister must withdraw the Religious Discrimination Bill and do what he promised to do.

“Deliver a simple reform that protects all of us, equally.”

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Michael James

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  1. Yolande Stiffel
    3 February 2022

    What a two-faced hypocrit! He is determined to pass a bill that will allow anyone to behave exactly as Citipointe has done and worse. Once again he is lying!

  2. David Gadd
    3 February 2022

    The man is a disgrase to the office of Prime Minister. He should be named the Prime Minister that never was and was a complete coward in office. The man said hes a christian, what a laugh. Lies, blames others for his action, runs away when the country is facing a natural disaster and then cant even tell what the price of bread and fuel is. Thats not Christian that a coward, fake, fraud.

  3. Peter Turner
    4 February 2022

    I just can’t wait to see this failure of a Prime Minister, failure as a Christian and failure as a decent human being, sent packing. He has done nothing about sexual abuse and rape within the Parliament House employment bubble. No wonder Grace Tame refused to help with his photo opportunity. He has the death of over a thousand Aged Care residents on his hands. He has presided over too many partisan rorts to mention. He has failed in Aged Care, Quarantine, Vaccine supply and natural disasters. His own Minister has described him as a “psycho”. Worst PM in history!!!

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