Scott Morrison urges trust in God over government in wild sermon

scott morrison margaret court sermon
Image: Victory Life Church

Scott Morrison has called anxiety part of “Satan’s plan” and called for people to put their faith in God over governments and the UN in a sermon at Margaret Court’s church.

The former prime minister travelled to Perth to mark the 27th birthday of tennis legend Court’s Pentecostal Victory Life Church on Sunday.

Morrison said he was there in a private capacity after a personal invitation from Margaret Court, who celebrated her 80th birthday at the weekend.

Morrison told the congregation that his election loss was all part of God’s plan for him.

“Do you believe that if you lose an election that God still loves you and has a plan for you?” he asked, to applause.

“I do. I still believe in miracles. God has secured your future, all of it. Yeah, even that bit.”

In the hour-long sermon, Morrison also discussed rates of mental illness in Australia.

He spoke at length about anxiety, which he defined as everyday worries that the “oil of God” can relieve. Morrison warned succumbing to anxiety was “Satan’s plan”.

“God knows that anxiety is part of the human condition,” he said.

“We cannot allow these anxieties to deny us… that’s not His plan. That’s Satan’s plan. It’s not His plan.”

However Morrison drew a distinction between anxiety and mental illness caused by “biological issues” and “brain chemistry” that “requires proper medical, scientific treatment”.

Scott Morrison urges trust in God over ‘fallible’ governments

Scott Morrison also declared that people should put their “trust” in God instead of “fallible” governments.

“We trust in Him, we don’t trust in governments, we don’t trust in United Nations, thank goodness,” Morrison said.

“We don’t trust in all of these things as fine as they might be and as important as the role that they play. Believe me, I’ve worked in it.

“But as someone who’s been in it, if you are putting your faith in those things, like I put my faith in the Lord, you are making a mistake, they are fallible. I’m so glad we have a bigger hope.”

Morrison’s claim about trust in government and the UN sparked outcry online. But Margaret Court was thrilled by the sermon.

In February, she prayed for Morrison to be re-elected as Prime Minister.

“I’d like for us to stand together in prayer for our Prime Minister in these uncertain times and also as there is an election coming up,” she said.

“He is a strong Christian, a family man, has good values and morals.

“I thank you Father that Mr Morrison be re-elected 2022.”

But the Morrison government’s resounding loss of five seats in WA in May helped hand Labor a majority government.

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