Scotsman faces jail for homophobic abuse of 9-year-old

homophobic abuse

Scotsman Craig Stodden appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court as a result of his homophobic abuse of a nine-year-old boy.

The court heard the abuse took place when Stodden visited the boy’s mother. The accused admitted both that he struck the child and swore at him.

The Irvine Times reported the man shouted at the boy to “get the f*** out of here.”

When the child then cried, the accused shouted, “Why the f*** are you crying?” and struck the boy in the chest. The child fell over as a result of the blow.

The boy’s mother then entered the room and told Stodden to leave the child alone.

Stodden called the child a “pussy, a gay boy and a homosexual.”

Get the f*** out

He ordered the child out of the house.

“Get the f**k out. I don’t want you in this house anymore.”

After the boy left the house, witnesses driving by saw him standing in the rain without shoes or a coat and stopped to check on his safety.

They let the child into their car and contacted the local police.

On their way to the police station, the accused approached on a pushbike and asked if they’d seen a young boy. He did not see the victim in the car and the victim denied to his rescuers that he knew the man so they responded in the negative.

An examination at the local hospital later revealed bruising on the child’s chest.

Jail time expected for homophobic abuse

The sheriff who heard the case adjourned the court for reports. However, she warned Stodden he faced serious punishment.

“I can’t think of any reason why you would say that to this boy.

“The impact on that young boy will probably be lifelong.

“I’m glad I’m not sentencing you today. I’m glad I will have three weeks to reflect.”

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