Anglican school principals angry about same-sex marriage contract

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A number of Anglican school principals have slammed the Sydney Anglican diocese for requiring principals and school board directors to sign a document affirming their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Anglican Diocese runs dozens of schools in Sydney. The church has inserted the new clause against same-sex marriage into the decade-old statement of faith, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

New principals and board members are required to sign the statement as a condition of their employment.

The extra clause states that “this faith produces obedience in accordance with God’s word, including sexual faithfulness in marriage between a man and a woman, and abstinence in all other circumstances.”

By signing the new document, they also agree their employment is “dependent upon my continued agreement with this statement and I undertake to resign if this ceases to be the case”.

The addition of the extra clause was agreed to in late 2019 by the Synod. It was added last year.

The Synod is an Anglican parliament which convenes hundreds of church representatives to vote on policy.

The new statement has since appeared in a job advertisement for a principal position at St Catherine’s School in Waverley.

Anglican principals furious about marriage contract

But the Sydney Morning Herald reported some Sydney Anglican school principals are furious about the move.

A number of them have reportedly raised their concerns with the Archbishop of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel (pictured above).

Speaking anonymously, one said they were “livid” and were concerned for gay students and parents as a result.

The principals explained the statement of Christian faith was “otherwise general” in nature. But the clause singling out same-sex marriage was “aggressive” and “contrary to the laws of the land,” they said.

“[I] struggled with that. My colleagues do [too]. I don’t understand why you’d insert that, over substance abuse or gambling or domestic violence,” one principal told the Herald.

“It seems remarkably aggressive.”

They’re also worried that the document will significantly reduce the pool of potential candidates for principal positions.

Bishop defends marriage clause as ‘always understood’

But Bishop Chris Edwards, the Bishop of North Sydney, argued the comments about “sexual faithfulness” in marriage were always “implicit”.

“By making it explicit, it only states what was always understood from biblical teaching on marriage, faithfulness within marriage, and abstinence apart from marriage,” he told the Herald.

Bishop Edwards said the Synod made the decision after the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2017.

“It should explicitly point out that assent to the statement of faith includes the teaching of Jesus and the Bible on marriage, such as in Genesis Chapter 2 and Matthew Chapter 19.”

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  1. Wendell Rosevear
    12 May 2022

    Take the Secular Government funding off schools and bring in Studicare ( like Medicare) where you take your card with you to non Homophobic schools and “shop” -study in schools that meet your needs and reduce your vulnerability to suicide. Wendell “… make Love infectious”

  2. Peter Turner
    12 May 2022

    I agree. If your so-called religious school discriminates against any group or community then taxpayer funds should be withdrawn and your tax free status should be cancelled.

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