School Has A Lot To Answer For Over This Homophobic Maths Question

Maths tests have had students scratching their heads since Tom Brown’s school days.

But students at Royal Grammar School High Wycombe near London were shocked when they got to question 7 of their monthly homework quiz.


It asks: “If in a town 70% of the men are married to 90% of the women (and each marriage is between one man and one woman, as God intended when he made humans male and female) what percentage of the adult population is married?”

The equation is actually quite simple – it is a blatant case of homophobia.

A student at the school, who did not wish to be named, told Pink News: “I often hear of homophobic comments from teachers, but this was the first time it has happened like this.

“There is a tiny proportion of LGBT students … I could count all the ones I know on my hands.”

A former student said the quiz was drawn up by a now-retired teacher who makes up the questions “because he finds maths fun”.

“He’s old, set in his ways, has alzheimers (sic) or dementia I think, and is such a caricature of conservative Christianity he sets his own cause back,” he said on Reddit.

“The only thing the school is at fault for is this: not proof-reading the challenge.”

Headmaster Philip Wayne told the Bucks Free Press: “I’m sorry on behalf of the whole school community of governors, staff and boys for any offence this has caused.”

He said the test was “quickly withdrawn from the department” when issues were raised, and the former teacher will not be returning.

The school’s equality policy states that “all staff” must not “discriminate on grounds of ethnicity, disability, or other equality issues”.

As for the actual question itself? We’ll hazard a guess that the answer is 79% but feel free to correct us if that’s wrong!

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