‘Schitt’s Creek’ – A Must Watch on Netflix

Schitt’s Creek Gay Wedding

Netflix Australia finally posted all fourteen episodes of Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek.

So, of course, massive fans who have been hanging out for some of  Schitt’s quirky, homespun humour have now binge-watched them all.

This Canadian series has built a fiercely loyal audience across the western world including a massive contingent of adoring LGBTIQ+ folk.

The icing on the series which undoubtedly attracted so many Rainbow viewers and probably as many straight romantics was the developing love affair of Patrick and David and their fraught journey to the altar.

I defy any card-carrying queen to watch Patrick’s serenade of David in Episode 6 Series 4 and not be affected.

Schitt’s Creek fans crying and clapping through final season

One comment posted by  Jamie Cornell when the episode was first shown: “Quite possibly the most underrated scene on television.”

“A comedy show, changing viewers emotions and character dynamics in an instant is almost impossible to pull off. A rare scene highlighting incredibly talented actors. Incredible! Noah Reid and Dan Levy are quickly becoming my favourite entertainers.”

“Their depth is simply incredible. Rare talents.”

Another highlight occurs when Patrick proposes at the end of a demanding uphill hike to a scenic view.

This puts David right outside his narrow, previously privileged comfort zone.

Patrick’s quiet, calm and loving responses to David’s histrionics surely qualifies him as the most sympathetic character in the series.

Online discussion about Schitt’s Creek reveals fans cried and clapped their way all through this series.

The characters are all well-drawn and faithfully portrayed. Some, if not most, have annoying characteristics which invariably grated with other personalities but an underlying theme of the value of respect and acceptance wins through whenever there is a crisis in the lives of the players.

Hurtful or bitter traits and language have been excluded from all dialogue and this exclusion ultimately demonstrates another theme about how such virtues, when combined with forgiveness, make it possible for family and friends to just ’get along’ and ‘move past’ all the obstacles life’s journey throws up.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 scored 8.75/10 across all critics and achieved an audience approval rating of 92%.


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