Same-Sex Vulture Couple Become Dads After Hatching Orphaned Chick

Gay Vulture Couple

Two male vultures have become adoptive fathers of an orphaned chick, Dutch zookeepers say.

The two birds live in Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo, and according to keepers vultures are typically monogamous animals and the two males have been a strong couple for several years.


The zookeepers said the couple would build nests and mate every January, so when staff discovered an abandoned egg on the floor of an enclosure, they decided to put it in with the two birds to see what would happen.

“We thought immediately this is the perfect opportunity … to actually give them a fertile egg and give them the opportunity to maybe hatch and raise a chick,” zookeeper Job van Tol told CBC Radio.

He said the vultures instinctively began taking turns keeping the egg warm and foraging for food for each other.

The two birds have been feeding the chick since the egg successfully hatched, and the young vulture “is doing fantastically,” van Tol said.

(Photo by ARTIS via Twitter)

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