German City To Install Same-Sex Couple Traffic Lights To Celebrate Pride

gay traffic lights

Why did the same-sex couple cross the road? Because they had their very own gay traffic lights!

Residents in Cologne, Germany will soon have traffic lights that display same-sex couple symbols instead of classic pedestrian symbols ahead of their annual Pride Festival.

According to a city spokesperson, the lights will be set up along Huemarkt where the annual Christopher Street Parade is held as part of the three-day festival, The Local reported.

Twenty sets of same-sex couple lights will temporarily be installed in the city centre where the annual Christopher Street Parade is held.

City officials said that the move was prompted by the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, where a series of violent confrontations occurred between police and LGBTIQ supporters outside a gay bar in New York in 1969.

Ten years later, inspired by the Stonewall activists, Germany celebrated their inaugural Christopher Street Day in Berlin, which is now one of the largest events in Europe celebrating LGBTIQ pride.

In July, the queer community will meet around Cologne’s metro area in colorful train carriages and on foot for the parade, starting at the city’s Deutzer Bridge.

This is not the first time that classic lights have been replaced by same-sex couple symbols, with several cities around Europe in recent years, including in Vienna, Austria in 2015 to celebrate the arrival of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Last November, pedestrian lights at a Canberra intersection were changed from a green “walking man” to walking same-sex couples (pictured), in an Australian first.

The eight green pedestrian lights were installed in the north Canberra suburb of Braddon, where queer Canberrans gathered to celebrate the “yes” vote for marriage equality 12 months earlier.

Dianne Grace

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