Sally Rugg: “judging in lesbian” on Q&A

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Executive Director of Sally Rugg summed up one of her eye-rolls moments on Monday night’s Q&A as “judging in lesbian”. An audience member asked her early about Israel Folau, suggesting he made his comments ‘as an act of kindness or love’.


Guardian journalist Greg Jericho also summed up the expression beautifully.

“The face of a woman well-practiced at listening to men talk bullshit.”

Sally Rugg on Q&A

Last night, the Sydney-based LGBTIQ activist appeared on the ABC panel show.

Also appearing were Dan Tehan, Minister for Education; Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development; Rex Patrick, South Australian Centre Alliance Senator; and Ash Belsar, People’s Panellist.

People’s Panellist

However, the so-called People’s Panellist was anything but.

Despite prior attempts at a political career, Tony Jones introduced him only as a ‘Small business operator, committed Christian and People’s Panellist’.

However, Belsar previously stood for Federal or State Parliament three times on behalf of the Australian Christian Party.

A three times political candidate hardly seems an average representative of the common folk.

Asked how Folau’s comments affected gay people, Rugg spoke calmly about her upset.

“How do they make me feel? They make me feel sick. They make me feel tired.”

“I feel like we have been doing Q&A for, what, four minutes now, and already we’ve had several people repeat the claim that someone like me is going to hell unless I repent or there is something vague about me needing to be saved and that was an act of kindness for someone to say that I would need to be saved… as if these words don’t mean things. And they don’t do things.”

‘Lashing Out’


A News Ltd article today however speaks of Sally ‘lashing out’, ‘snapping’ and ‘letting fly’.

Watch the video above and judge for yourself.

“The words that Folau uses about gay Australians — people like me — they exist in a context where the Morrison government is looking at whether people really care or not that religious schools can exclude LGBTI teachers and students,” she said.

“How do they make me feel? They make me feel — they make me feel a bit sick, they make me feel tired.

“I feel confused as to why in 2019 we are having this sort of esoteric discussion about whether it is really harmful for these words to just sort of be bandied about in our society.”


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