Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

Controversy magnet Sacha Baron Cohen has said that he’s “23% gay” but that the number tends to fluctuate.

The star of boundary-pushing movies Borat and Bruno was asked in Marc Maron’s WTF! podcast whether or not  was gay, and he replied: “I’m 23 percent gay. We worked it out and did the calculations. I’m 23 percent gay.”


“There are times I go down to 17, sometimes I’m 31 depends on the situation. When I was doing Borat and I had the testicles at my chin I was at 31,” he shared.

“Everyone’s on that scale somewhere. Sexuality’s like being ‘black’ or ‘white’ – no one’s entirely black or white, unless they’re albino. They’re on a scale.”

Sacha has been married to Aussie actress Isla Fisher since 2010. His new movie Grimsby, also starring Aussie Rebel Wilson, is released in Australia on March 10.