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current property market

You’ve likely seen the crazy headlines — ‘Queensland Property Boom’, ‘Weekend Auctions break all Records’, ‘Property – Too Hot to Handle’. It is true. COVID-19, lockdowns, incredibly low-interest rates, and a surge of people moving from the southern states to Brisbane/Queensland have created the perfect property storm. Now, Brisbane has won GOLD – the Olympics are coming to our little town! This is a boon for property prices. Come on, folks! The current property market is the strongest in years.


Houses are selling — very quickly. The last few months brought almost unprecedented rises in property prices. For sellers and investors, this is excellent news!

Current property market favours sellers

It’s really important to note that stock right now is still low, so if you have property you want to move — now is definitely the right time. Less stock = more buyers. Buyer demand is very high and economists say it shows no sign of dwindling just yet. This is really positive.

We are currently heading out of winter, so it’s also incentive to sell before the spring rush. Spring is traditionally prime selling season. So, you can get in ahead of other sellers and name your price before the market fills with stock.

Ensure your house is prepared for sale. Tidy the yard, attend to repairs, declutter and make sure your house puts its best face forward. The weather is beautiful and all homes look great under a crisp, blue sky.

Select a really good Real Estate Agent. I’ve discussed choosing agents in previous articles. Because this is a really important relationship, you want someone with your best interests at heart. Also someone you can trust who will see you through the entire process. Selling your home is a really big transaction. Not only financial but also emotional!

Understand the marketing of your property. Ideally, your agent will not rely solely on the usual suspects. There are a lot of buyers out there, but you can also save a lot of money by using a proactive agent who utilises a wide range of strategies and is consistently working outside the market. You’d be surprised how many properties can be sold right now, ‘off-market’, quickly and without the costs of marketing campaigns and/or auctions. Although not always the case, the current market is prime for this style of selling.

Selling is easy now, finding a rental, not so much

But first, know where you want to move after the sale and make the appropriate arrangements. Selling is easy — procuring rentals and new properties… not so much. Plan early, arrange finance and accommodation or start putting the feelers out for your new home as you start the sale process.

Now is a great time to take advantage of an excellent selling environment.

If you are considering selling your property, or just have some questions, I’d love to chat.

Ryan Barabas of Elever Property Group is a leading professional in the Brisbane Property Market. For assistance with any matters regarding your property, do not hesitate to contact Ryan on 0439 715 742.

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